Bussin Meaning — The New Viral TikTok Slang

After coming across plenty of comments saying “Bussin” some TikTok users are wondering for the Bussin Meaning. If you are among those users, then you have reached the most appropriate post. Keep reading and get to know all details about this new viral TikTok slang.

Being home to millions of users from almost every corner of world, TikTok has become a multi lingual hub. People use slang terms and they become signature lingo for the users later on

If you are a new user on TikTok, while scrolling for the first time you will get to see plenty of slang terms that will surely get you mad. These slang terms will make you realize that you have grown old or out of touch. After spending years on TikTok, we have realized that every generation has its own collection of slang terms.

With every passing day, new slang terms pop up on this video sharing application. If you want to survive on this platform you need to cope with all these slang terms. And to deal with your young and intelligent followers you will need to understand all the slang terms used on this video sharing app.

Currently, TikTok users are obsessed with a new term “Bussin”. Some of the users are relating it to the buss it challenge but what does it actually mean? Here is all you need to know.

What Is The Meaning Of “Bussin”

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After encountering a number of comments saying “Bussin” users have rushed to Google. Most of them have got the meaning of “Bussin” from the Urban Dictionary. It reads, “What you would say if something was really good”. And the example added on Urban Dictionary read, “First person – i didn’t know yo mama could cook this good! Second Person- yea her food be bussin”

Some TikTok users are referring this slang term to one of TikTok’s famous trends “Buss It Challenge”. But this time the slang has nothing to do with the Buss It challenge rather it has totally different meaning. Let’s dig in deep to know what it actually means. Keep scrolling!

Bussin Meaning On TikTok

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The term “Bussin” is used in two different contexts. Some users use this slang term to describe someone who are “little b*tches and have no life”, according to the Lingo2word website. While many others have found this slang word a new way to express what they like in a fancy way.

Here is how some users have used this slang in their daily conversations. Here are some tweets that contain this slang term. “I have a feeling that this summer is gonna be bussin bussin” you can use this slang term as a code word to communicate with your friends only.

Most of the users have created so many slang terms just to have a private talk with their friends on social media platforms. So, if you don’t want your relatives to understand your tweets then the slang terms are the most appropriate way to communicate.

Is Bussin A Bad Word

Some users use the Bussin word in happy context while many others use it in abusive manner. It all depends on the context. Here are some more examples for this slang term for your understanding, “I just told my sister that the dinner she made was “bussin” and she just looked at me weird” and “why cranberry juice be bussin like that”

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Bottom Line

This was all about the new viral slang term from TikTok. Hope the information provided in this article will make sense to you. Follow us to more about social media hype.

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  1. si bussin es algo que les agrada que significa que el acompañante diga “Sheeeee” (según los tiktok´s)


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