What Is The Firetruck Game — All Details Provided

Thousands of TikTok users are searching to know What Is The Firetruck Game. If you are among those wonderers then you have opened the most related article. Keep reading and get to know all details about this tricky harassment game.

After the heartbreaking murder of Sarah Everard in United Kingdom, people are talking about women’s security on almost every social media platform. Women are coming forward to discuss about the struggles they go through in their daily lives. During this whole discussion a tricky harassment game is being addressed by the female social media users.

The Firetruck Game started flaunting on social media after the “97 per cent” trend took over TikTok. Using this trend, people are spreading awareness regarding women’s security, across all social media platforms.

According to a research report released by UN Women UK in March 2021, 97% women in UK have experienced sexual harassment. The report further articulates that more than 96% of the women, who have experienced sexual harassment, didn’t report it.

The reason behind not reporting such incidents is that people think it won’t make a difference. Since the young Sarah Everard was murdered, females on social media platforms are talking about all forms of harassment. They are trying to make difference by spreading awareness about such cases.

After the “97 per cent” trend went viral a tricky harassment game known as The Firetruck Game is also been identified by the TikTok community. The Firetruck game is based on harassing women and people on social media are confused why the game isn’t banned earlier. The Firetruck Game is quite an old game that some of you might remember.

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Why You Should Not Play The Firetruck Game

Image Of Why You Should Not Play The Firetruck Game

Social media users have opinion that this game is used to sexually harass women. After TikTok users reminded about the game, some users have taken it to twitter as well. One female user has tweeted, “TikTok keeps reminding me about things I forgot. The firetruck game.” Another tweet by a user reads, “Why was the firetruck game so normalized when we were younger”

It is actually an old black-and-white 1978 arcade game but now it has changed completely. It basically involves a man and a woman. The male player asks the female player whether he can play with her the “firetruck game,”.

After starting the game he keeps touching her body until she says “stop”. She actually has to say “red light” to stop him. But the bad thing about this game is that when the female player says “red light,” the male player is supposed to say: “fire trucks don’t stop at red lights” and continue touching her without consent.

Most of the female users have opinion that the Firetruck game is the earliest form of sexual assault. It was inappropriately normalized for younger ages especially for the school children. Some users have clearly asked for banning the game. They have asked people on social media platforms to stop normalizing the game because it’s not just a game but a step towards harassment.

The urban dictionary has also described the game as “A game where a boy plays a game with a girl. This game consists of the boy touching the girl until she says red light (which means) stop.” A user named as Ela has also tweeted about the game “one of the earliest form of s3xual 4ssault i know of is the firetruck game”

Final Thoughts

Though the game might sound fun to play but the game concept relates to sexual harassment. This was all about the tricky harassment game “The Firetruck” Hope you have got enough information about this sickening game.

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