Can I Stream Video Games On TikTok — Explained

All the gamers out there have just a single question to ask right now and the question is, ‘Can I stream video games on TikTok’? Although, users share small clips of them playing several online games on the video-sharing app but is there a way to stream video games on TikTok? We have broken down everything here in this blog. Keep reading and get all the details you need to know.

Quite similar to several other platforms, online gamers have created a community of their own on TikTok as well. Sharing tips and tricks from their favorite video game to making hilarious memes about the game field, TikTok is quite popular among the online gaming community.

These gamers mostly stream their video games on platforms like Twitch and YouTube but they are not sure about whether or not they can stream their game on TikTok. Considering their concerns we have decided to answer the question ‘Can I stream video games on TikTok’. So, if you are a gamer and want to know the tricks following which you can stream video games on TikTok, this blog is crafted for you only. Stay tuned and get all the information about streaming video games on TikTok.

How To Stream Video Games On TikTok?

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In the last month of 2021, the popular social media platform TikTok started testing the TikTok Live Studio which was a way for users to stream videos directly from their desktops. After testing the feature for some time, the page is now being removed from the app’s website.

However, when the feature was live, it enabled the content creators to stream video games from various desktop programs, cameras, and more. It even enabled the users to stream in any of the portrait or landscape modes.

As the feature was removed in a few months, we can conclude that it didn’t qualify for the testing phase. so, currently, there is no way TikTok users can stream live videos on their TikTok handle.

There is also no news about whether in the future TikTok is planning to re-role this feature.

Is There Any Way To Stream Video Games On TikTok?

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Although there is not a specific feature that supports live video game streaming, there are a few workarounds that can help you start streaming.

If you are a starter, you can count on programs like Loola or Streamlabs. Both these programs provide the option to connect to your TikTok account.

Here it is important to quote that, you cannot stream on these apps also if you have followers less than 1000. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a third-party app or not, you have to have 1000 followers in order to be able to stream games online.

Although you can connect your TikTok to either service to stream games from your desktop, unfortunately, you may not be able to join the app. As Streamlabs works on an invite-only basis, you may not get selected by the app.

Once you successfully connect to the service, either Loola’s or Streamlabs’, you will be required to follow the instructions provided on their websites and get your Stream Key and start streaming.

As far as Streamlabs is concerned, it was integrated previously into TikTok’s features. So, if you are lucky enough to get access to the platform, it would be the best option for you.

Finally, there is no direct feature on TikTok that supports live streaming however, you can count on apps like Loola or Streamlabs to get your need filled.

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The Last Words

This was the answer to the gamer’s question ‘‘Can I stream video games on TikTok’. Hopefully, we are able to provide the answer accurately.

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