How To Find Trending Sounds On TikTok — Explained

Users on TikTok often find it difficult to spot the trending sounds, even though these are the key for videos to go viral, so how to find such trendy tracks on TikTok? We have broken down everything here in this article. Stay tuned.

Going viral has become a challenge for TikTok content creators now as the discover tab is now being replaced by the ‘Friends Tab’. Earlier, it was quite obvious to reach the discover page holding that the content was good, it now seems quite tricky.

However, users have found a solution to this issue also. What content creators are doing is, they find the trending tracks on TikTok, using them as their background tracks and adding to the likelihood of appearing on the discover tab. But is it really possible to go viral following the trending sounds on TikTok, if yes, how to spot the viral tracks? Here is everything you need to know.

How To Get Trending Tracks From TikTok?

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Finding trending tracks on TikTok has become crucial for the TikTok content creators as it is the easiest way they can land on the foryou page. However, not every user knows the ways to find the trending tracks on the platform. So, to help all users find such tracks, below we have mentioned how to find trending sounds on TikTok.

To get the trending sounds on TikTok, the easiest way is to hit the “add sound” button that you will find on the top of the screen while you are creating a new video.

Once you reach the ‘Add Sound’ section, you will find a feature that reads “TikTok viral”. This button will appear with a mini orange flame picture.

As you tap on the ‘TikTok viral’ playlist, you will find the top 10 trending soundtracks of the platform. Choose any of the songs that you like, and doing so will increase the chances of your videos appearing on the discover tab.

Another way you can make it to the discover tab is by keeping stock of all the trending challenges of TikTok. While scrolling, keep check of all the videos that appear on your Foryou page and the hashtags that accompany them.

Getting on to the bandwagon can increase your chances of appearing in the viral videos section of the platform. Also, using viral hashtags is another possible way for you to go viral.

How To Trim Tracks On TikTok?

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Most TikTok users have revealed that trimming the tracks on TikTok is the most challenging thing for them. Well, we will make trimming easier here. Follow the steps below to trim the trending tracks like a pro.

To trim the soundtracks all you have to do is, launch your TikTok app and hit the ‘Plus’ icon.

In the center of the screen, you will find the ‘Add Sound’ option, tap on it.

As you add a track, TikTok will start playing the sound.

Now that you don’t need to keep the soundtrack fully, you will be required to do some dragging.

Once you have decided what part needs to be discarded, drag the musical waveforms to the left until you reach that point. If you have selected the wrong part, there is nothing to worry about. Repeat the procedure, drag the music part to the right point, and hit the enter button.

Now that you have trimmed the track, you can upload your content on TikTok.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about how to find trending sounds on TikTok and ways you can trim the soundtracks on the platform. Hopefully, the article was helpful.

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