Coldest Place In The Universe Meme — Explained

Have you seen Among Us players sharing a weird meme saying Coldest Place In The Universe? Want to know what it means and why it is related to the online video game Among Us? Here’s the answer!

A new meme trend is taking roots on the internet, but most of the audience is unable to understand its meaning. Yet again, this meme trend has got traction after Among Us players are reacting to it.

Among Us, players come up with a number of memes every day. Sometimes the shorthand’s created by the players inside game-field become viral and then they turn into trendy memes.

Some recent examples of memes created by Among Us players are, “Hello Is This the Imposter From Among Us meme” and “When The Imposter Is Sus”. Both of these memes amassed considerable attention from the people on the Internet.

Currently, video game players are taking over the internet with a new meme trend that looks absolutely meaningless to people who don’t know much about the game Among Us.

What Is Coldest Place In The Universe Meme

Image Of What Is Coldest Place In The Universe Meme

The Coldest Place In The Universe is a new meme trend that has begun after Among Us players have observed a striking resemblance of the Among Us characters with the coldest place of the universe discovered by scientists.

People who don’t have an idea about the Coldest Place In The Universe are a supermassive place colored red and orange. It was initially revealed to NASA in the year 1995. This coldest place in space is the Boomerang Nebula. When looked closely, the Boomerang Nebula resembles an Among Us character, so it has become the latest Among Us reference meme.

Among Us, players are referring to this meme saying “The coldest place in the universe is kinda sus! While another Among Us player said, “Boomerang Nebula is the imposter from Among Us”.

Origin Of The Meme

The meme takes its roots from the photograph taken by NASA in 1995. In the image, it can be spotted as a purple shadow up and down. Later in the year 2021, Among US players observed that it resembles the Among Us character hence it turned out to be an Among Us reference meme.

Currently, the meme trend is going viral on TikTok and all other social media platforms. The majority of internet users are unable to understand its meaning hence some of them have taken it to Twitter to get its meaning.

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Spread Of The Meme

After going viral on TikTok, the Coldest Place in the Universe Photo became a viral meme. It got traction in late June and became viral on 1st July 2021. It has gained popularity on various internet platforms as an exploitable image.

On June 29th, a YouTuber Thotti posted a video featuring Walter White from Breaking Bad looking up for the coldest place on the universe on Google. As Walter White gets the results, he falls seeing the picture because what he saw in the image had a striking resemblance with an Among Us character. This video became quite popular and within two days it amassed more than 10000 views.

Following this, many other YouTube channels came up explaining the meaning of the “Coldest Place In The Universe Meme”. A YouTube channel titled Quill shared a video explaining the meaning of this meme. It amassed more than 100 views in few hours. This YouTuber has explained the meme so well.

So, the Coldest Place In The Universe is sus!

Bottom Line

This was all about the latest meme referencing to the famous videogame Among Us. Hopefully, you are able to know the logic behind the exploitable image of the coldest place of the universe.

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