How To Get 3 Minute TikTok Videos Feature? Explained

The social media giant has now enhanced the video timings. You can now create videos of more than 60 seconds. Here is how to get the 3 Minute TikTok Videos Feature on the app.

Shortly after its launch, TikTok is now standing parallel to the major social media giants including Instagram and Facebook. It has garnered massive popularity in a very short time span.

According to a recent report, there are around 1 billion users registered on this video-sharing app. So far, it is being offered in 39 languages and people belonging to 150 countries have access to this entertainment app.

The major player behind its popularity is the variety of content, its constantly evolving features, several filters and effects, and thousands of soundtracks. This video-sharing application is evolving rapidly to give an amazing experience to its users.

Currently, the application has enabled the users to create videos time ranging between 30-180 seconds. If you haven’t got this feature yet, here’s how to get it.

How To Get 3 Minute Videos On TikTok

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For most TikTok users, currently, the allowed length of videos is 60 seconds. The logic behind keeping the time short is to keep the content entertaining and sweet. However, many users have now got the option of sharing longer videos. The maximum length of videos witnessed on the app so far is 180 seconds.

Some users have responded positively to this new update while many others don’t seem happy. According to them, the elongated time slot will make the content boring as people don’t take much interest in long videos.

TikTok announced about rolling this feature in December 2020. It was officially announced by the social media consultant Matt Navarra. In his Tweet made on 2nd December 2020, he said, the video-sharing app is all set to introduce the 3 minute long videos which are three times longer than the normal length currently available for the users.

The Tweet reads, ““TikTok is rolling out ability to upload longer videos of up to 3 minutes long.”

Users gave mixed reactions to the Tweet, some were pleased to know about the update while the rest were less than keen. In response to the Tweet made by Matt Navarra, one user wrote, “I thought this 3-minute feature on TikTok would be nice but all it’s done is allow people to ramble on for longer without getting to the point.”

Another added, “TikTok has 3 minute long videos now and I really don’t like that idea. Like if u wanted to remake YouTube just say it.”

Some users expressed their curiosity to experience the new update saying, “TikTok allowing 3-minute videos just in time for Eurovision is the best thing to happen so far this year and it better not be wasted.”

How To Get The 3 Minute Option On TikTok

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However, some users have now got this option while the rest of the users are still waiting. There isn’t any specific way to get the feature unless TikTok chooses you to test the update. The users who have got the option have received a notification that reads,

“You have early access to uploading videos up to 3 minutes long on the TikTok app and desktop! To try it out, make sure your app is up-to-date and try uploading a video from your device to the app or”

Only the users chosen for this pilot testing will get the update while remaining have to wait until the app decides to roll this feature for the rest of the users.

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Closing Remarks

This was all about the new video-timing update and How To Get 3 Minute videos on TikTok. Hopefully, the article has enlightened you with all the available information you needed to know.

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