David Dobrik Hurt His Assistant In The Viral Video On TikTok

Another prank of David Dobrik has gone viral as he mistakenly hurt his assistant. The video has gone viral on the Chinese video-sharing app and David Dobrik is facing backlash from the audience. Here is more about how the prank went wrong.

The Chinese snippet sharing app is full of a variety of content. From dance videos to funny short videos and DIY videos, you will find all types of content based on your interest.

A new way of generating content introduced by content creators is, playing pranks on their friends. There are numerous TikTok accounts that are purely dedicated to generating prank videos. Sometimes people roll videos showcasing their failed attempts and they become popular on the app.

In a similar type of video, David Dobrik has shared a failed prank that has enraged the users. David Dobrik is now in hot waters as he has hurt his assistant while playing a prank on her. Here is everything you need to know about David Dobrik’s viral prank video.

David Dobrik Hit His Assistant

Image Of David Dobrik Hit His Assistant

A video rolled by David Dobrik recently has become popular on the video-sharing app for a wrong reason. This video showcases David and Natalie accompanied by some other friends, playing a game.  The game required them to throw a marker into a cup placed a foot away.

Before tossing the marker into the cup, a person holding it was supposed to make a bet. If the person throwing the marker manages to drop it into the cup, the opponent has to fulfill the bet.

When it was Natalie’s turn to purpose a bet, she said, ‘David wouldn’t be able to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home’ as it releases. While Natalie was preparing to toss the marker, David smacks her right onto her face causing her to bleed.

As David realizes that his assistant was bleeding, he apologizes her right away. He bows down onto the floor and said, “I’m so sorry. I was trying to hit the marker!”It seems like Natalie wasn’t seriously injured, even though she bled a little.”

Following this, Natalie and David started to laugh out loud as the prank had gone wrong. Although Natalie didn’t give any negative response even though she was bleeding, some TikTok users are not really happy with the prank. Thus, David has faced a severe backlash.

David Dobrik’s Video Hitting His Assistant

Image Of David Dobrik’s Video Hitting His Assistant

Considering how dangerous this prank could have been, people started reminding David of the prank that caused injury in Jeff Wittek’s eye.

However, this isn’t the first time David Dobrik’s prank has gone wrong. But TikTok users deem that David has crossed the line by hurting his assistant.

Some enraged people have even taken it to Twitter and expressed their concern about such useless pranks.

One user wrote, “Man’s laughing when he legit just smacked her in the face like what.’ While replying to the previous statement one user commented, Why is he always hurting someone?”

“tbh I’m starting to feel David doesn’t care if he hurts any of his friends if it makes him laugh,” said another.

Even though people have criticized the video, it has still amassed over 10 million views so far. David also hasn’t addressed any of the negative comments on his video. Seems like, David has to stay vigilant while playing pranks and uploading them on the video-sharing app.

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Bottom Line

This was all about how David Dobrik has Hurt His Assistant while playing a prank on her. Although he has apologized for his mistake, it is not sitting well with a few TikTok users.

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