Describe Me In Pictures — Viral Trend From TikTok

Describe Me In Pictures is the latest video trend to go viral on TikTok. If you haven’t participated in the challenge yet, here is how to be part of this viral and fun filled trend from the Chinese video sharing app.

The short-video sharing application is all about trends. Every time you scroll through the Foryou page, you will get to see various new challenges joining the platform. Some challenges ask you to do some dance steps or apply a new filter while many others ask you to join your friends in the thread. A similar trend that involves having fun with your friends or family is currently flaunting on the Foryou page of TikTok.

The “Describe Me In Pictures” trend is quite fun to be part of. If you don’t know how to do this challenge, here is all you need to do.

What Is “Describe Me In Pictures”

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As the name suggests, the “Describe Me In Pictures” trend includes introducing your friend’s personality using different pictures. If you want to be part of this chain, you have to ask your friends to describe you in pictures. Once you get the pictures, you will create a video using these.

You can ask your friend’s to describe you in various aspects including “your style,” ” sense of humor,” personality,” “your body,” “your mental state,” and “your intelligence.” You can add some other aspects if you want to do so but these are common ones used by the TikTok users so far.

The selected pictures can be about anything. Some people have used meme characters while others have included cartoon characters to spice up the trend. The best way to have equal fun is to take turn, ask your friend’s to describe your personality while you will describe them too.

If you want to stand out from the crowd then try to come up with something creative. As most of the people are sharing celebrity’s pictures when they are asked to tell you about personality, you can come up with something different to have more fun.

The trend has become massively viral on TikTok and various other platforms. So far, the hashtag #describemewithpictures has garnered more than 13.7 million views. If you want to look for some inspo in order to complete the challenge, simply search #describemewithpictures on TikTok and you will get to see hundreds of amazing videos.

How To Do Describe Me In Pictures Trend

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Being part of the viral Describe Me In Pictures Trend is quite simple. You have to ask your friend, Soulmate, sibling or any colleague to describe your personality, style, sense of humor, mental state, body and intelligence using some pictures. In return you have to do the same for your friend so that the trend will keep growing like a snowball.

Once you have got the pictures, create a video featuring those pictures and add background music. Most of the users have added the audio from an account called ‘favesoundds’ in the background. This is a song named “Lovefool” by The Cardigans. After adding the music, you are all set to roll the video on the video-sharing app and to spread some giggles also.

Following the hashtag #describemewithpictures, we found quite hilarious videos. We would suggest you check the videos rolled by @jessieserra, @hyak1ra, and @lana_saksida15. You are surely going to roll on the floor laughing. These videos will also give you some inspiration to come up with the best version of your Describe Me In Pictures Trend.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have got all essential information to nail the Describe Me In Pictures Trend. By participating in this trend, you can now look forward to have some laughs with your gang when they reveal what they actually think about you.

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