Pudgy Owa Owa — Did Owa Owa Really Die?

Do you remember Pudgy, the Owa Owa dog? Some TikTok users claim that he has passed away after encountering a tragic accident while others deny this news. Let’s discover whether Owa Owa is alive or not.

This year, a dog named Puddy made headlines by making a hilarious sound in a TikTok video. Puddy’s owner James was also featured in the viral video. As the video went viral, people started calling it the owa owa dog. In one of the following videos, Pudgy’s owner James confirmed that Pudgy makes hilarious sounds and Owa Owa was one of them.

So far this celebrity dog has earned more than 4 Million followers on TikTok while its Instagram account is growing with 435K followers currently.

However, a few weeks earlier Pudgy met an accident and he ended up in hospital. Since then fans have been inquiring about his health but none of his social media accounts have any clue about whether or not he is feeling well.

What Is “Owa Owa”

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Owa Owa is a title given to the most loved dog of TikTok after his viral Owa Owa video. Owa Owa is actually a strange sound that this celebrity dog makes. In its initial viral video he was seen saying Owa Owa hence he is being called as the Owa Owa dog on the social media platforms.

In April this year, one of its social media posts revealed that he was hospitalized after suffering injuries in an accident. His last Tweet made on 26th April reads. “Staying overnight at the animal hospital, I’ll update everyone tomorrow.”

Since this last message, there has been no update about his health. So, most of his fans perceive that he isn’t alive anymore. But this would be so early to make any decision because there also isn’t any update from the dog’s owner James.

Did The Owa Owa Dog Die

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After not being able to see any update about Pudgy’s health condition, fans are in doubt. Most of them have taken it to various social media platforms and they have showed their concern for this little long-haired Chihuahua.

A Twitter user named @Holly Midelton wrote, “Is little Pudgy ok? We’ve been checking TikTok every day for updates. Another user said. “Honest to god I need to know where Pudgy the Owa Owa dog is.” “Like I miss him so much.”

Instagram users have also been wondering whether they will be able to see Pudgy again or not. The last Instagram post from Pudgy’s account dates back to April 24th this year. This has made his fans more worried. Instagram users are asking for updates in their recent comments. Here are some of the comments made by Pudgy’s fans:

“Hi, what’s today’s up date. We’re All so worried about our baby Pudgy! Biggest Hugs. Lots Of Kisses & All Our Best Wishes!!! OWA OWA.

Another user wrote, “Dear people, PLEASE I BEG YOU SEND A PRAYER FOR OUR LITTLE PUDGY. If you don’t already know, he was savagely attacked by a much bigger dog. James was at a pet hospital with Pudgy. Please pray so that our little man SURVIVES!”

Did Pudgy The Dog Die

It would be inappropriate to say anything about Pudgy’s health until James makes any official announcement or Pudgy comes to surprise us all. Till then we can just pray for the little man’s health. May he continue to brighten up our days!

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Bottom Line

Though the news flaunting on social media platforms claim that the owa Owa dog is dead, we haven’t found any confirmed information. So, for now, let’s pray for his speedy recovery.

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