Fortnite Jennifer Walters Challenge: Locate Jennifer Office and Transform into She-Hulk

The Fortnite is an online mobile game which is developed by Epic Games and it was released in July 2017. It has three different game mode versions including Fortnite Royale Battle, Fortnite: Save the World, and Fortnite Creative. This game has more than 125 million followers all over the world. The Fortnite season 4 has come up with a new Fortnite Jennifer Walters Challenge.

As the online games industry has flourished in this decade, the future of this industry is more prosperous. With time passes through, more people will have internet access and the need for indoor games will lift. This is the exact time for online game developers to come up with more and more exciting versions of different games. Even they can develop more new games.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free to play mobile game. In this game players up to 100, fight each other and the winner is the one who stands till the last. Thus, this is one of the most played online games among the other versions.

What is Jennifer Walters Challenge in Fortnite?

Image of what is Fortnite Jennifer Walters Challenge

Fortnite Season 4 has added many new challenges for the players igniting their way through the battle pass. In this game, every skin being a Phenomenal character, the Epic company has a new “Awakening Challenge” that once accomplished, will enable each hero to transform into their superhero alter ego. Jennifer Walters also is known as She-Hulk is one such character.

If players want to turn Jennifer Walters into She-Hulk, then they have to complete all three Awakening Challenges. To find these challenges players are needed to go to level 29 in the season 4 battle pass. To accomplish these all challenges, firstly the players must locate some places on the map. So in this article, the guideline for locating the places will be shared.

What are the Three Awakening Challenges?

Following are the three Awakening Challenges, which must be completed to make each hero change into a superhero alter ego.

Challenge 1:

It is to visit Jennifer Walters office as Jennifer Walters. For this definitely, players have to be in Jennifer Walters Skin, which is already you have from level 22.

Challenge 2:

Remove Doctor Doom’s henchmen as Jennifer Walters. It needs players to eliminate three henchmen at Doctor Doom’s Domain. It is a mesmerizing park with some buildings.

Challenge 3:

Emote after smashing a vase as Jennifer Walters.

Image of visit Jennifer Walters office as Jennifer Walters

That is all what players need to do. By emoting after smashing a vase, Jennifer Walters’s skin can now transform into She-Hulk. To reverse this action, the players, need to use the “Gamma Overload” emote.

Where is Jennifer Walters Office on the Fortnite Map?                                                             

Jennifer Walters office is a new addition to the map of Fortnite World. When you are in level 29 of battle pass you will be wonder where is Jennifer Walters office on Fortnite. To know the location, you have to read this carefully.

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To locate the Jennifer Walters office, first, you have to make your way to Retail Row, which is known by every player as the shopping district located at the southeast of the Island. When you reach that area, move towards the residential streets located in the west of the stores.

Image of where is Jennifer Walters Office in Fortnite Map

Exactly in the middle of these residential houses, you will see the office of Jennifer Walters. At the outside of the office this large sign of scales of justice, which is used as a mark for the office.

When you reach there, it is no need to visit inside of the Jennifer Walters office if you are already equipped with Jennifer Walters skin. The challenge will automatically complete when you reach near the office.

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