Dinkleberg Mean On TikTok — Here’s What The Meme Says

Have you heard people talking about Dinkleberg on TikTok lately? Want to know what Dinkleberg Mean On TikTok? If yes, then you are on the right site. Keep reading and get to know all details about this old yet viral meme on internet.

Though the Dinkleberg meme is being used for more than a decade now, but TikTok community has bring this meme into spotlight again. Users are currently obsessed with the word “Dinkleberg” but very few of them know the real meaning of it. There are very few users who know the back-story of this meme.

This article will put light upon a decade old, trending meme. Keep reading and learn how and when the “Dinkleberg” meme evolved.

What Does Dinkleberg Mean On TikTok

Image Of What Does Dinkleberg Mean On TikTok

So many users on TikTok are using the Dinkleberg memes, while the majority of population is wondering to know what does it actually mean. The meme is flaunting on internet since so long. It became famous on the social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Currently, users are relating every bad scenario with “Dinkleberg” but form where did it evolve? Well, here is the answer.

This comic word has originally come from a cartoon show on Nickelodeon. In the TV show this catchword is used by Dad. Dinkleberg is actually their neighbor and they relate every disastrous scenario to him. This catchword was later turned into a meme in 2010 by a user from 4chan (an image-based bulletin board where people can post comments and share images).

This phrase is used in every bad event; people usually blame Mr. Dinkleberg for all disastrous situations in a comic way. Most of the memes are comprised of the problem written at first followed by the hash tag Dinkleberg. It means that the unfortunate event happened because of him.

Sometimes instead of sharing the word Dinkleberg, users post the picture of dad that features him shouting his neighbor’s name. Usually the bad event is described in a text above, followed by the dad’s picture. The picture of dad that is famous for the meme is taken from Season 3, Episode 22 titled “Miss Dimmsdale”

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Examples Of The ‘Dinkleberg Meme’

Image Of Examples Of The ‘Dinkleberg Meme

Currently, there are thousands of Dinkleberg memes flaunting on internet. Users are coming up with hilarious content every day, here some of funniest memes from the Dinkleberg meme series, Have fun!

The memes related to this catchword has started from 2010, a twitter user posted in July 2012, “got attacked by earwigs in the ocean today #Dinkleburg”. In 2017 when Snapchat servers went down, people on internet associated it with the famous meme. One user posted on Twitter “I think we all know who was really behind snapchat going down tbh. #dinkleburg #snapchatdown”

The meme was also used during the Corona Pandemic last year. One user tweeted “We think we know who is behind all these lockdowns …. DINKLEBERG” another user added to it saying,

“Me, attempting to fit into my suit:

“QUARANTINE!!!!!!!!!!”#Suttoncomedy #WednesdayThoughts #Dinkleburg

Some users have photo shopped the pictures of natural disasters with a picture of dad from the Nickelodeon TV show and these images are going viral on almost every social media platform. You can also get plenty of blogs dedicated to the character Dinkleburg on Facebook and Twitter. You can also design memes of your own using the Dinkleberg image macro creator launched on Memegenerator.

Concluding Words

This was all about the viral Dinkleberg meme on TikTok. Hope the information provided in this article will make sense to you. You can share the funniest Dinkleberg meme you have seen in the below comment box. We would feel glad to hear from you.

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