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With each passing day, TikTok users are getting exposed to new abbreviations. It is now time for the acronym “DNF” on TikTok but the majority of TikTok users are unaware of its meaning. If you are among these users, here is all you must know about this trendy abbreviation from TikTok.

If you are a new TikTok user, it must be difficult for you to cope with all the acronyms and slang terms that appear before you on the foryou page. But it is also important to understand all these terminologies in order to be a popular personality on the video-sharing app.

Having adequate knowledge of TikTok slang terms and acronyms is also important for amassing a higher followers count. A TikTok creator who is well informed about all the trendy phrases, slang terms, and acronyms can interact well with his followers. Not being able to understand the short TikTok lingo, you may lose your followers and progress on the platform. Hence, it is essential to cope with all the shorthands that appear on the Chinese video-sharing app.

The latest abbreviation that we are going to explore today is “DNF”. Stay tuned to add a new word into your TikTok dictionary.

What Does DNF Mean On TikTok?

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Like many other acronyms appearing on the foryou page of TikTok, “DNF” has also several meanings depending on its context. The most formal full form for the acronym “DNF” is “did not finish”. If a user writes “DNF” in the caption of a video that showcases any sport may refer to a participant who didn’t finish the game or hasn’t reached the finish line.

Here is what Urban Dictionary has to tell about this trendy short form.

1. According to this definition of Urban Dictionary, the term DNF means. “Did Not Finish”

A term used in sports events whereby the participant is unable to complete the event

Damn, i just dnf’d the winter Olympics

Example — i just dnf’d


Did not finish


2. Another example that Urban Dictionary provides, “An event for which the participant never finishes.

Example — Although he started the 10k, quitting at the 6k mark meant his result was listed as a DNF”.

3. The next definition available on the Urban Dictionary is a bit tricky. You can only understand it if you are an active TikTok and YouTube user.

“DNF is an abbreviation for an online ship Dreamnotfound, shipping Minecraft YouTubers, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound

Example — I am writing a DNF fic.

Do you read DNF?”

4. You will understand the below definition of Urban Dictionary if you are an avid user of Minecraft.

‘DNF’ is a ship name between 2 minecraft youtubers (dream was taken and georgenotfound) that stands for dreamnotfound

Example — “You should read heatwaves”

“who is it about?”


“who tf”


DNF TikTok Meaning

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Besides all the above meanings provided by Urban Dictionary TikTok video creators have used the term “DNF” in many other different scenarios as well. The most commonly used meaning of the term “DNF” is “Dinner N F*ck”.

Yes, you are getting it right. DNF is a fancy way to say that you are chilling and watching Netflix. So, if you don’t want all your followers to know what you are doing or that you are Netflixing and Chilling simply say “DNF”. This way you can deliver your message to the people you want to get while leaving the rest in curiosity.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the full form and meaning of DNF on TikTok. If you are getting trouble understanding any other acronym, let us know in the below comment box.

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