Who Is Silvana Mojica? All About Portnoy’s Rumoured Girlfriend

Silvana Mojica is going viral on the internet after fans claimed that she is the girlfriend of famous entrepreneur and blogger David Portnoy. Here is all about who Silvana Mojica actually is and her relationship with David Portnoy.

The founder of Barstool Sports is making headlines after revealing his relationship with the famous Colombian model Silvana Mojica. The sports entrepreneur revealed his relationship in a recent episode of The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co. Silvana shared the interview in her Instagram story to confirm what Dave confessed earlier.

As soon as the news went viral, fans became curious to know more about their personal life. Silvana’s TikTok followers have also started digging about how and when their relationship began.

Silvana Mojica Age

Image Of Silvana Mojica Age

Silvana Mojica has amassed notable attention on social media after being revealed as David Portnoy’s girlfriend. The news became viral after a recent episode of The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie & Co where he confessed about his relationship with Silvana.

Here is what David Portnoy actually said about their relationship.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with Silvana who you ask me about every week. She just doesn’t like to sleep when she goes out. She’s somebody who likes to sweep the floors.

“She’s going to the Derby with me, so that’s a big step”.

Right after David’s interview, Silvana shared a snippet of the episode in her story that confirmed the two are spending more time together.

Although David is known to the majority of internet users, Silvana isn’t that popular. Therefore fans are snooping across the internet to know more about her.

As mentioned in her LinkedIn profile, Silvana is working as a social media assistant for an apparel and fashion company in Miami. Prior to this position, she has worked in Orlando and Atlanta.

As far as her age is concerned, she is in her twenties. Born on April 8, 1995, she is currently 25 years old. Her astrological sign is Aries and she grew up in Colombia.

Silvana has earned a BA degree in Marketing from Florida State University after graduating from Valencia College.

Before the news of their relationship, the couple was rumored to be together in early March this year. Some pictures of the couple also went viral on several websites. The duo was also spent a night out at hotspot Komodo. Silvana also shared some snaps of them being together on her social media accounts. From this point, fans were speculating about the duo’s being in a relationship.

Silvana Mojica Boyfriend

Image Of Silvana Mojica Boyfriend

Silvana Mojica was quite popular on social media before even being in a relationship with David Portnoy. However, after revealing about their relationship she has earned a bunch of more users.

On TikTok, Silvana is quite popular among young teens. She is mainly famous for her unique style and for her eye-catching snaps.

Mojica is also popular on Instagram where she has garnered over 142K followers so far. You can find her on Instagram as @silvanamojica while on TikTok as @silvanamojicaz.

She also has worked with several New York magazines and she also promotes multiple fashions and make-up accessories on her social media handles.

Considering her looks and talent, fans believe that she is surely going to be a famous model in near future. Besides, Instagram and TikTok, Silvana is has a notable followers count on Twitter as well.

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Final Words

This was all about who the viral TikTok star Silvana Mojica is and her relationship with David Portnoy. Hopefully, you have got all the information you were looking for.

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