Dollhouse Challenge, A Scary Makeup Challenge

Whether it’s a dance or the task of beating your face with makeup, we can go to platforms for just about anything. Take the doll house Challenge, for instance, which has TikTokers are striving with heart to see who can create the best look. It’s chaotic, it’s entertaining, and it will leave you trying to put your own skills to the test. 

The new TikTok challenge that is actually pretty hard to make and really cool to watch. Sometimes TikTok is full of stupid videos that aren’t really that entertaining to watch. But TikTok’s dollhouse challenge is actually pretty cool to watch, and it’s certainly giving girls something to do in quarantine. 

Especially with all the time we’re now spending inside, beauty challenges have been trending more than ever, and TikTok has created a fun way for people to still experiment with makeup, even though there’s nowhere to go. These are the coolest TikTok beauty challenges if one wishes to know.

image of dollhouse challenge

What Is a Dollhouse Challenge On TikTok?

The Dollhouse challenge has stepped up in tiktok with 661 million so far. This is one of the best viewing responses on tiktok. Dillon house is a great source of enjoyment especially for those people who are following makeup videos and brands. As far as what to do in this challenge is concerned you have to use your best makeup skills to make yourself like a doll. This is an amazing opportunity to take part in a fun TikTOk challenge. 

This challenge is sponsored by NYX which is Makeup Company which is known as NYX professional makeup. While doing the challenge people use NYX products and highlight the “matte setting spray” to give their look a final touch. Likewise it is a wonderful way to market your products because people establish the trend via trying the challenges and your product is marketed to the audiences.

This challenge has everyone on TikTok taking part. While we might not be able to hang out with our friends and get ready to go out together, this challenge has friends doing that virtually. NYX has sorted out its target customers are teenagers who are available mostly on TikTok. They sponsored the challenge. I think it is the best platform to crank up your product if you really want.

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How To Do This Challenge?

If you really want to know how to do this challenge, the steps are pretty easy just follow them.

First of all create a scary look. For this purpose you can take help from youtube. 

Use eye shadows, contour and make a scary look of yours

Then, use matte spray from NYX Company. 

 In order to buy their products you can go to their website where all the details are given. Eventually make a great video, upload it on tiktok and get a lot of comments from viewers.

Tiktok challenges never end just as the world outside changes that is reflected in tiktok challenges and nothing proves this more than the recent dollhouse challenge that has gained a lot of traction with the audience on TikTok.

So this is exactly what dollhouse challenge is all about. People make a makeup video and make themselves appear very scary. The video goes well and has a chance of getting viral more because it is a Halloween season. 


TikTok has become a viral app that has expanded past just entertaining the younger age group. Among all beauty challenges are trending a lot. For makeup lovers this challenge is an endless source. Scary look is a sort of unique look that is more skyrocketing than a normal trending challenge. So friends you must try it. You will literally love your scary look.

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