Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle, Let’s Know How To Play It?

It’s pretty mystifying and even getting the solution, I am certainly not sure what the riddle is referencing. The gaming zone of Luhua pool fire puzzle, has taken away more modification than people can ever think. If you are not aware then you can take down the web to explore what all have been into and with updated technology. It is one of the free games that game lovers can playoff without paying even a single penny.

The particular game has made a lot of excitement among people and this is what gaining a lot of attention towards the heart of. There is a ROG arrangement and this is what has been able to make the place that allows people to take a step for this game. The stages are many and hence people can either play along or along with someone. There is a chance to include people within the game.

There are not only the white and black checks that have been into a puzzle but there has been an updating made and one can see with Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle.

An image of Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle

What Is Genshin Impact Fire Puzzle?

Genshin impact is a game of open world RPG set in a fantasy world. It is a free of cost game. It has amazing anime art style that may indeed get a mixed reception from the mainstream audience, but the game itself is a stunning, in regard that it is free to play game.

It has a unique elemental system that engages to figure out. Outside one can explore the world around him. Find unique vistas and discover all sorts of treasures and puzzles along the way. Once you hit a certain rank, you can also play this game with friends in group.

There is a storyline that runs in the game. It is available in every language like English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. It has lots of quest to finish and big story moments as well. you can play it on PC, android and iOS devices too. On PC the title is only available through its own client not via steam or Epic game store.

How To Play Genshin Impact Fire Puzzle?

Shoot fire at the middle pillar first, then the pillar to the right of the middle one, then wrap back around and light the left most pillar. After a few seconds the floor will disappear and you will begin falling through the floor. Glide down so you don’t take damage, then stand on the center circle until it is fully lit. This will give you a current you can use to get out without fast traveling.

Interact with the Hidden Palace to unlock that so you can fast travel back here when you need. This is a level 60 dungeon, so it might be a little out of your reach at the moment. Still, you are rewarded for completing the puzzle so you might as well do it while you are here.

While you are in the Luhua Pool in Genshin Impact, you will run into a fire puzzle that you can complete. Check out this Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Hidden Palace Puzzle guide to get through it with no trouble at all. You will be able to access the Hidden Palace after you do this

When you first get there, head to the tiny set of steps and activate the instrument there. This will reveal the fire elemental switches in the area. There are six total but we are only going to be using three. Bust out your fire character go to the center of the area. Of the six switches only three of them have full pillars behind them, these are the ones we are messing with.

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I hope this article has provided you enough about luhua pool fire puzzle.  This is not the normal game and hence there will be beyond normal puzzle that one will take experience off. So start off with your gaming zone and explore Genshin Impact Luhua Pool Fire Puzzle.

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