Eiffel Tower Meaning On TikTok — Explored

Do you know that the phrase “Eiffel Tower” has a separate meaning on the video-sharing app TikTok? If you are not aware of its meaning, we have got you covered. Keep scrolling and get enlightened with the actual meaning of the Eiffel Tower on the popular Chinese platform TikTok.

Over time, we have witnessed plenty of phrases emerging on the app that are referred to in a totally different context than its actual meaning. A recent viral phrase, “Soda Can Tabs” might sound simple to you but it has a totally different meaning on the platform. The meaning of this current viral phrase “Soda Can Tabs” depends on how your soda can look when you finish it. If it has a big hole at the bottom that means ‘hug’, a semi-circle with a smaller hole underneath it, which means ‘kiss’, or just a semicircle hole, which means ‘sex’. Surprised to hear about it? Well, our reaction was none different.

Similar to the above-discussed phrase, a new phrase that has a totally different meaning is flaunting across the TikTok app. Let’s explore the hidden meaning of “Eiffel Tower” together.

What Does ‘Eiffel Tower’ Mean On TikTok?

Image Of What Does ‘Eiffel Tower’ Mean On TikTok

If you are a regular scroller of the video-sharing app, you might have witnessed people talking about some “Eiffel Tower” and you must have considered it as the tower from Paris? Naah, that’s not true! People on TikTok are relating ‘Eiffel Tower’ to a totally different thing.

Well, I hate revealing it to you but the dirty heads of TikTok have named ‘Eiffel Tower’ to a s*x position. I don’t really want to explain it further but it involves three people. This position has got its name as ‘Eiffel Tower’ because of the shape that the trio makes while having s*x.

Leaving the rest to your imagination, we are moving further towards the reactions this dirty phrase has received from the users. Some users have found the meaning quite hilarious while others seem annoyed as they are not happy with the dark meaning behind the famous ‘Eiffel Tower.

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Eiffel Tower Meaning

Image Of Eiffel Tower Meaning

If you ever find someone saying I’m going to Paris, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to Paris. They are rather referring to the s*x position, as for the TikTok users this has the same meaning as ‘Eiffel Tower.

After discovering the hidden meaning of ‘Eiffel Tower’, users are left in awe. Hundreds of users have shared their reactions to the slang term on Twitter. Here is what people think of this viral slang on Twitter.

One Twitterer wrote, “I hate that I know what the term Eiffel Tower means. Damn you TikTok.”

Another said, “I just found out what Eiffel Tower means I’m running away to an island now.” While the third person added, “I just Googled what Eiffel Tower means and I will never be the same.”

The slang is quite awkward but it is getting the entire spotlight on the video-sharing app. People are dropping thousands of comments referring to this odd slang. Many users have also asked their followers to look into the hidden meaning of the Eiffel Tower.

Well, now hearing someone say they are going to Paris on a holiday might sound awkward to us. How will you feel? This is something weird and hilarious at the same time. However, TikTok’s brainy heads never fail to amaze us with their weird talents. I hope, you won’t see the “Eiffel Tower” ever in your life, not the one located in Paris but the one from TikTok.

Concluding Remarks

Quite similar to all other slangs of TikTok, Eiffel Tower Meaning also has amazed us. What’s your stance about this weird meaning of viral slang? Let us know in the comment box below.

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