T-Mobile Hacked — All About The Data Breach

News of T-Mobile being hacked started flaunting on social media as customers have expressed their concerns about the data breach. According to the customers, the data breach took place on the 16th of August. Here’s everything we know about the T-Mobile 2021 data breach.

As reported by Tech Crunch, it isn’t the first time T-mobile has faced a data breach. In January this year also, the company revealed that their thousands of calls records and data were hacked by hackers. Here is what the company revealed about this data breach, “It had a data breach that saw cybercriminals steal about 200,000 call records and other subscriber data.”

Seems like, the company is on the hit list of hackers as it is the second attempt of hacking on the company in a single year. Considering this scenario, users are worried about their personal information being leaked.

Was T-Mobile Hacked?

Image Of Was T-Mobile Hacked

Some recent reports have claimed that T-Mobile is being hacked by a group of hackers. The company confirmed this news of “unauthorized access” on August 16th.  However, a statement rolled by the spokesperson of the company revealed that “They have not yet determined that there is any personal customer data involved.”

The company has also assured its customers that they are currently investigating the case. But, they weren’t able to give a timeline on how things are taking place and their next stance. In the official statement, the official spokesperson further added, “We are confident that the entry point used to gain access has been closed, and we are continuing our deep technical review of the situation across our systems to identify the nature of any data that was illegally accessed.”

The back-to-back data breaches have baffled the T-Mobile customers. Some of the customers have expressed their displeasure towards the recurring hacking attempts.  

T-Mobile Data Breach

Image Of T-Mobile Data Breach

As described earlier, this isn’t the first attempt at hacking on the well-known company T-Mobile. Earlier last year, the company faced two similar incidents. In the first hacking attempt, the employees’ emails were hacked, and using these emails the hackers were able to reach the customer’s data.

In the second attempt, a group of hackers successfully reached prepaid customers’ personal and billing information. Before this, in 2018, the company fell in a hitch when around two million users had their personal information scraped.

How To Be Secure Against T-Mobile Data Breach

To be on the safe side, the customers are advised to look into the following precautionary measures.

The foremost thing you must consider when experiencing an unauthorized transaction is to freeze your cards. This can easily be done by keeping an eye on your credit reports and bank statements. Customers have to be vigilant in order to avoid any such mishap.

While talking about the scenario to the outlet, Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at Bankrate.com said, “Whether it’s this breach or another one, it’s just important to keep our guard up. Sometimes, there’s a long tail to these things.”

Though customers are talking about the data breach on various social platforms, the suffered company “T-Mobile” hasn’t released any official statement about the incident. There is no official information about the data breach and customers are wondering in concern. The majority of customers have expressed their displeasure towards the company’s attitude.

In this entire situation, the customers must have their guard up. Whether the breach has genuinely occurred or not, customers must always keep their guard up to tackle such situations.

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Final Words

This was all about how T-Mobile got Hacked into the hands of a group of hackers. Although the data breach isn’t confirmed by the company, users are still worried about their personal data being leaked.

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