Everleigh Rose TikTok — The 7 Year Old TikTok Star

Do you know about Everleigh Rose TikTok account? If not, then keep reading. This article will tell you all the details about this cutest TikTok Star.

Everleigh Rosesis a 7 seven year old girl. She belongs to a Star family. Her family runs a YouTube channel named as LaBrant family’s channel. They have a huge fan following on YouTube as well as on other social media applications. LaBrant family is known for their religious and family-oriented content among the YouTubers. Their channel is filled with their daily activities.

LaBrant family comprises of Mommy (Savannah LaBrant), Daddy (Cole LaBrant) and 3 children. Users should also know that Everleigh Rose is the youngest cousin of twin actresses Oakley Fisher & Taytum Fisher.

Further, child actress Ava Foley is Everleigh’s best friend. She also has a younger Half-sister (Posie) from Savannah and her step father Cole LaBrant. Currently, Rose lives with her mother and Step-father. Everleigh Rose was born in Orange County, California.

Everleigh Labrant TikTok

Image Of Everleigh Labrant TikTok

Recently, rose has been spotted on TikTok and in a very short time span her followers have reached to 100,000. According to Savannah and Cole, they have allowed their oldest daughter to make her own TikTok account. They further stated that, Everleigh Rose was asking for her own TikTok account since so long.

Rose’s parents have revealed this news in their latest video posted on their YouTube channel. Everleigh Rose’s TikTok account will feature dance videos as she is so good at dancing.

The couple further claimed that, they were hesitant to create a separate TikTok account for their daughter because, to their opinion there are so many videos on TikTok that are not kid-friendly. To clarify the news Col said the following words in their latest Vlog “For those of you who don’t know, Everleigh never had her own TikTok account,”.

Rose’s parents further said that, “She doesn’t have her own phone, she has a little iPod, and we don’t even let her have TikTok on the iPod because I just don’t know how much stuff on there is kid-friendly. A lot of stuff on there is funny and appropriate, but there’s a lot on there that isn’t. So I’ve always had mixed feelings about TikTok.”

Savannah Labrant TikTok

Image Of Savannah Labrant TikTok

Savannah and Col have decided to buy a separate iPod for her to make TikTok videos only. But they will be responsible to operate the account until she turns 12.

Though the 7 year old has just joined this platform, still she has an impressive following. Currently she has garnered more than 100,000 followers, and over 70,000 likes on each o her videos.

The TikTokers have said that she has got savvy social media skills just like her parents. The videos, dance steps and the song selection will be done by her parents as they want it to be appropriate for this platform.

Currently, the comments have been turned off from her TikTok account so that she doesn’t encounter overly critical or hateful comments.

Everleigh Rose also has an Instagram account which is run by her mother. Till now she has earned over 5 million followers on Instagram. Her first picture was posted on Instagram in October of 2013.  She also has appeared on Vogue Australia and she was featured in a campaign for Kardashian Kids.

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Final Words

We hope that the article has given you clear picture of Everleigh Rose TikTok account. If you are Looking forward to witness some cute dance videos, then we would suggest you to follow this Cutie on her TikTok account. All the TikTok users can find her on @everleigh.rose9.

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