Beast Arm Free Fire — Here’s Every Known Detail

Wondering to know what Beast Arm Free Fire is? Well, here is all the detail you need to know. To all the gamers out there we are live with this guide to enlighten you about Beast Arm Free Fire and to tell you how actually it can be gained.

Free Fire provides its users a wide range of cosmetic items including boots, shirts, skirts, skins, helmets and many more legendary items. The beast arm free fire bundle also is a costume which is part of the Diamond Royale section in-game. The gamers collect these items to customize their character to a certain extent.

The developers keep updating these items periodically and this time they are up with some new bundles in Garena Free Fire. The latest item being introduced is “Beast-Arm Clone,” which can be collected from Diamond Royale.

What Is Beast Arm In Free Fire?

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Garena Free Fire’s most recent addition Beast Arm Free Fire is new cool. It’s a bundle containing different items which include, Beast-Arm Clone (Top), Beast-Arm Clone (Bottom), Beast-Arm Clone (Shoes), Beast-Arm Clone (Head), and Beast-Arm Clone (Facepaint).

Players can obtain these items by using some free-spins. But wait! Gamers are not guaranteed to get this bundle against the spin.

You can also win some other items instead. Which might include Magic Cube, Magic Cube Fragment, Neolithic (Top), Neolithic (Bottom), Neolithic (Mask), Neolithic (Shoes), Paleolithic (Top), Paleolithic (Bottom), Paleolithic (Mask), Paleolithic (Shoes), Flame Fighter (Top), Flame Fighter (Bottom), Flame Fighter (Mask), Flame Fighter (Shoes), Lady of Flame (Top), Lady of Flame (Bottom), Lady of Flame (Mask), Lady of Flame (Shoes), Combat Vest (Male), Combat Pants (Male), Combat Boots (Male), Combat Vest (Female), Combat Shorts (Female), Combat Boots (Female), Sneakers (Blue), Sneakers (Black, White), Shorts (Camouflage, Jungle, Desert),T-shirt (Dislike, like)

Players should also know that Diamond Royale introduces new items after every 20 days. These items are so attractive that the players always remain excited about the new additions. This time the Diamond Royale will feature a female bundle named Beast Arm Clone bundle. It will turn the right arm into a sword while the Beast Arm Clone bundle will turn the right arm into a gun.

How To Get Beast Arm In Free Fire?

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To get the bundle players have to collect diamonds or diamond vouchers to spin the Diamond Royale. With every Diamond Royale spin, you will get more chances to win the bundle. After 50 spins you will get 100% to get this amazing bundle.

Players should also note that, the Diamond Vouchers are available in various events of Garena Free fire. You can also get Diamond Vouchers in Garena Free Fire using the Guild token. Guild Token can be obtained from the In-game shop of Free Fire.

Another important point you players should note is that, this bundle can be obtained for a very limited time period. As discussed already, the Diamond Royale items keep on updating very rapidly. So, the players are advised to grab yours before it gets outdated. The bundle has been introduced on 19th of November 2020 and it is valid till 8th December 2020. So, hurry up! And be part of this thrilling experience.

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Concluding Remarks

Beast Arm Free Fire is just another attractive item being added in Diamond Royale of Garena Free Fire. Once you claim the bundle you will experience your arm converting into a Gun/mutant sword. But, the bundle is valid for a very short span, roll up your sleeves and start collecting the Diamonds and Diamond vouchers. We hope that this article has given you a complete understanding of Beast Arm Free Fire.

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