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The story of regrets is the novel Her Returned Mate. In the drift of time and space, high on hormones, we make decisions that look right at that moment. But as soon as you are across the hangover, the gravity of mistake is realized. Can we go back and make the wrong right?

Do we get what we missed in the first place? This becomes a matter of luck and good fate. Not all of us get the chance to have the final say. For some opportunity knocks but once and for others it awaits for their response. The lucky later are far and few among us. North Rose tells us about it in this novel.

Her Returned Mate

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This novel written by North Rose is a vampire/werewolf story set in the geographical regions of America. The story revolves around the life of a poor she-werewolf. Orphaned at an early age and adopted by an abusive family. She must find a way out for herself on her eighteenth birthday.

But life is not as simple as that. We do not always get to see what we have planned for ourselves. Though she successfully manages to leap herself off the orbit of an abusive family, she at the same time falls into a whirlpool of another challenge.

The brought up in the cruel family has left her with many flaws. One of these is the inability to differentiate between what is good for her and what is not among others. 

Her Returned Mate Novel

This is the story of an orphaned she-werewolf Rayne. When she was eight her parents died in the great wolf war. She had no one in the world to call her own. Her maternal wolf pack never knew about her. On her father’s side, there was no one to take her responsibility.

At this moment her mother’s ex came to her rescue. He took her to his own pack but there she never met acceptance. Everyone in this pack abused her and she was the unpaid maid of the house and the punching bag to release the frustration.

Among these all the alpha who took her into the house took the lead in everything from abusing, cursing, and beating to everything. This all to make sure her returned matebook rayne does not forget her place in the pack.

Nevertheless, the son of Alpha has never treated her badly. He has always been nice to her. But later his narcissist, jealous sister started creating much drama about it. So he maintains a distance just for her safety. Thus nowadays, it is all aloofness from them with occasional sneering and disgracing remarks.

When it comes to the Alpha of the family, add punches and slaps to the list. This year she is turning eighteen. At the Moonlight ball, where all the single wolves gather to find their soulmates. She has a plan for the occasion.

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Rayne has never been interested in finding a partner for herself. All she wanted is to move as far away from this abusive family as possible. On the big day, she meets her mate, the one she never wanted to have anyways and not interested in living a life with him.

But he appeared in her life that night and it seemed he was sent with a purpose. He was a reason for her to escape the living hell. She took that chance to ensure her freedom. That night she ran away with the inadvertent help of the mate and never looked back again.

Nonetheless, he reappears in her life after five years after rejecting her completely back then. Now he regrets his decision and wants her to take her rightful place beside him as his partner in the pack. Previously he ignored her in the Her Returned Mate by North Rose.

He walked back from her calling her weak and not worthy of his companionship. Today, he wants her back and she is not interested. She was not interested back then in him nor is she now. In fact the situation is more complex now than before.

Her Returned Mate Story

The necessity of a partner was never felt by her. Now that he has come back and lingering around her existence, would she let herself drift in the river of emotions? Her body and soul want him desperately. But when it comes to heart it is eyeing for someone else.

Would she let him try once more on her? Would she give him a chance to convince her? Five years ago the goddess of Moon paired her with someone who would never be her choice. All she wanted was to choose someone for herself. Who will have the final say? The abused and distrustful Rayne or the fate that the Moon goddess has set for her?

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Her Returned Mate Read Online

The story of the Her Returned Mate Wattpad is one of the tales of fending for yourself, regrets, the feelings of sorry, the failures to recognize the worth of the people around you and more. It tells us how we take things for granted until it is too late.

For those who move on once rejected, trusting someone who has betrayed once cannot come easy. This novel will take us on a journey of reattempting to win your once lost treasure. Would he succeed in winning her trust back?

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