Romance in the Castle Novel Story: Read Complete Review

Men propose and nature disposes. As the saying goes, the Romance in the Castle springs between two not too far-sighted hearts. Not hindered by the apprehensions of the future and overwhelmed by the deluge of pure and strong emotions, the love blossoms between them.

Here you will find how we free humans are not really free. We can plan, but the hurdles will always be there to tweak what we thought for ourselves. Indeed what we achieve at the end significantly differs from what we plan.

Romance in the Castle

This novel has a lot to teach us in the short but compelling story. The characters exude positivity. The description is detailed but more focused on behavior and attitudes. Yet there is enough written to let the reader imagine the settings of the castle where the whole drama is unfolding.

The reader will find the storyline attractive. Yet some subplots end too soon. This could have been given more page space to let the readers enjoy a bit more. Overall the novel is a good read. Short, engaging, and pleasant. The Romance in His Castle has a lot to tell you.

Romance in the Castle Novel

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Behind the walls when secrets are kept. It is just the keen eyes that can see what is beneath the smiling faces, the sighs behind unsaid words, and outcomes of the unseen events. The love story of a commoner who happens to be the lady of the princess of France with the future king in the kingdom is the major happening in this story.

This girl originally from Spain has been here in the French Queen’s court. Her father is a duke and she is living with him, a younger sister, an elder protective brother. Her life as growing up in the fort, in the Romance in His Castle, is going great. Frolicking in the gardens with the princess and other friends. Acting as the lady to the princess.

Yet, one day she finds herself matching eyes with the young prince. Soon the attraction grows and they start to meet secretly behind the closed doors of a clandestine room in the castle. The love watered by the regular meetings and nurtured by the sweet words of affection grows. Grows stronger and stronger each day.

Until the two mature to adult age with their love blossoming like the spring flowers in a meadow. Yet the affair is known to very few. A handful to be precise. It is the princess, revealed to her by her brother. The lady’s mischievous younger sister and third the woman who is in charge of taking care of her in the room.

What Next in the Romance in His Castle

The prince and the lady have planned their future. In fact, the queen looks at her admirably too. She is the sweetest lady in the castle indeed. Beautiful, lady mannered, and esteemed by all. Yet one day the news of the Prince’s arranged marriage to the English king’s daughter arrives.

The new relationship has been arranged by the queen herself and the king and queen of England. They want their progeny to marry in the next two months and strengthen the bond of friendship between two countries in the Romance in the Castle story.

This is the news of equal shock and perturbation to the girl and her infatuated prince. The apprehensions deep in the corner of her heart have come out as monsters of curse into reality. At the back of her head, though she loved the man with her whole heart, there was this hesitation. The fear that one day the prince would wed a princess from another country.

Alas, she though better than any princess anywhere on the face of the earth yet lacks the status. She is not an owner of an estate, neither her father has subjects to rule over. There is no match between her and the princess of England.

Further Development in the Romance in His Castle Story

Yet the prince cannot forget his love for this sweet girl, at the same time, he cannot confront his mother and tell her about his feelings. The coward sacrifices his heart for the greater good of the country. The princess accompanied by her parents and lords lands in Paris. The plans for the wedding are final and they are moving towards the final day according to the program.

One day, the prince’s sister introduces the girl to a noble from England. He is in the court of the king and he has wealth, status, and all that a girl could dream of. More than that, he falls in love with the girl at first sight. She has got a distraction to relieve herself from the memories of the past four years.

It seems she has met the man who would marry her and give her all the happiness and fulfill the dreams she initially imagined with the prince. But there is always many a slip ‘twist the cup and the lip.

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Romance in His Castle Novel

The story of the Romance in the Castle is fiction yet believable. The character of the lady is charming, sweet, and attractive. The loyalty and sincerity exude from her actions even after the fate of the prince is determined.

On the other hand, the story mostly talks about positive human thoughts and attitudes. Yet the tragedy is part of it as the two lovers fail to fulfill their dreams at first. Don’t forget to give the full story of the novel a read.

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