Free Fire Money Heist: Collaboration Of Garena And Netflix

Free Fire is now in collaboration with Money Heist. Free Fire Money Heist ( Money Heist is also known as La Casa de Papel). A wonder collapse of a game and a series.

The reason for collaboration is that fans of both the game and series can experience for themselves.
Garena has teamed up with Netflix for a cross over between free fire and money heist.

What is Garena?

Garena is the leading game developer and publisher in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Latin.
America, India, and has expanded into other fast-growing markets globally.
Plan Bermuda will feature a fully new game and will takeover audiences as the crossover brings new ways for players to enjoy Free Fire.

OFFICIAL TEASER Free Fire Money Heist

It would be a memorable collapse to do so by teaming up with one of the most popular Netflix series, Money Heist.
NOTE: This Game would go live sometime in September

How To Play Free Fire Money Heist?

Part of the Plan Bermuda update will be the launch of the new 4v4 game mode, Money Heist.
The Plan has the Mint mode, where players will form teams in 4×4 to find Money Printers on the map.

The aim is to issue as many notes as possible to win. The first team to reach the target amount of banknotes in the allotted time wins.
In addition, during the Bermuda Plan period, the theme of La Casa de Papel will be featured throughout Free Fire, ranging from images in the character’s lobby.

Even thematic parachutes to an exclusive set with red overalls and masks from the series will be available throughout the game.
Players will be enjoying the crossover event till they take to start the game in engaging the battle to the end by wear their exclusive heist suit.

There are lot more ways to earn money by online games.

How To Get Free Fire Bundle Free?

The crossover will bring an entire collection of classic outfits inspired by the series itself – Plan Bermuda style with the red jumpsuits and iconic mask – and much more.

Free Fire can be downloaded for free on both the Apple iOS App and Google Play store

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