How to Get Paid to Take Surveys? The Legit Sites For Earning Money

We have heard about getting paid for the online marketing of different goods and services of the companies. But do you believe that some people get paid to take surveys for different companies and websites? Yes, there are some sites where you get paid for watching videos, taking surveys, playing online games, etc.

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In this era, you don’t need to work physically, start a business, or go to any office to earn money. There are plenty of methods for you to earn a little bit of money as well as other mind-blowing rewards staying home.

Like online blogging, online marketing, online surveys, playing online games, online trading, online dealing and even you can sell your views regarding a product to concern company.

How to Get Paid to Take Surveys Online

There are numerous market research companies that hire hundreds of members annually to conduct different surveys online. They pay their members to participate in surveys.

But the question is, all the sites that hire you or contact you to get paid to take surveys legit or not? The answer is all the sites are not legit and all the sites never pay you for the work taken from you.

You should be very careful when you are contacted and asked to do an online activity, because most of the time they are fradulent. Be sure about the legal existence of the site and the purpose of the survey they asked you to take.

Here are some best survey websites that will pay you for your opinions. Below are some of the best survey websites that will pay you for your work.

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This site is one of the largest survey panels with daily online surveys. They pay cash or vouchers as a reward. This website works on behalf of many famous companies. They want to know about your views regarding a certain product, issue, or service. In return, they will reward you, which is based on the point you earn.


This is one of the best survey platforms which pay you £5 on signing up with this website. They take short and quick surveys about anything, which they provide to the press and leading brands in the world. Their reward for surveys is cash or PayPal payments amounting to 10 pence to £1 per survey.


This survey website is the most reliable and biggest as compare to others. This site is offering rewards for playing online games, searching the web, making online purchases, watching videos, and taking offers. The rewards for doing such tasks are cash, vouchers, and prize draw.

Life Points

This website was formed merging two famous survey sites MySurvey and Global TestMarket. On this website, you can earn up to £3-£5 per hour. They pay £1 reward per survey in form of PayPal payments, Amazon, and high-street vouchers.

Branded Surveys

This was previously known as Mintvine, and they are an online community with regular global market research surveys. They provide high volume surveys, that why they are popular as ‘Survey Enthusiastic’. They reward cash or gift cards for the surveys.

TRP Surveys

This site is running surveys about Television and media in the United Kingdom. They conduct surveys only in the UK about what people had watched on TV yesterday and about TV-related topics. They reward in form of Amazon vouchers, or charity/community group donations.

Panel Opinion

This is the most popular survey site in 2020. They reward money for surveys, amounting from 50 pence to £4 per survey. The survey usually takes 12-15 mints and there is chance to get the whole £4 as reward at once.


This site is a little bit different from other sites. They mainly focus on your opinions regarding social issues and general concern topics including politics, commercial products, and, public affairs. They pay cash and prize draws as a reward for your big opinions, amounting to 50 pence to £3 per survey.


They conduct online surveys for famous brands. you have to reach 4000 points that equals £4. The reward is 50 points per minute. You can gain points by referring to friends when you are declined for a survey.

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Valued Opinions

They are part of a large market research group. They send online surveys to their members whose profiles match the requirements. The rewards for the surveys are vouchers of Amazon, M&S, John Lewis, and Sainsbury’s.

Survey Bods

This site usually pays for your opinion regarding the products and services of top companies. They pay cash, Amazon vouchers and prize draws as a reward. The surveys are comparatively easy and take about ten minutes to complete. The main thing is you have to be honest with your opinion because they have a ‘strike system’.


If you are looking for a quick and low payout survey site, then this site should be your choice. Because you only need 200 points to claim a £2 Amazon voucher. It is the GetPaidTo site that features quite heavy surveys. They give PayPal cash or gift cards as a reward for surveys.


This survey site allows you to share your opinion regarding anything like food to public transport. On this site, the surveys are conducted sometimes so you have to wait a bit longer to gather the points.

They reward money from 50 pence to £5 per survey and it takes around 15 minutes to complete a survey. You have to wait until you make £20 as a minimum withdrawal amount.


This is a US-based company, that was once known as Survey Heads. They pay you a decent amount of reward for taking a survey of up to 15 minutes.

They conduct not many surveys so you have to wait longer. The company rewards money, vouchers and, magazine subscriptions. This company pays 40 pence to £1.70 per survey.

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Likewise, there are many other platforms like, The Opinion Panel Community, Populus Live, New Vista Live, Prolific Academic, Triaba Panel, Opinion Bureau, PanelBase, Pinecone Research, and many more which pay money and other rewards for surveys to their participants and members. If you really want to get paid to take surveys legally, be part of the surveys conducted by these companies.

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