Games That Pay Real Money: Ways to Earn Money Playing Online Games?

Online games are not only a source of entertainment; they are also a means of earning money for many people out there. Yes, this is right we can earn money while playing online games.

There are many games that pay real money. The only things you need are a computer, a high-speed internet connection, and experience of playing online games.

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Parents get worried that their children waste lots of time playing games on the computer. They should know that online games are also a source of income.

There are many young players out there in the world who had earned millions while playing online games. For the people who are still confused about how to earn money by playing online games here are various ways.

Different Ways to Earn Real Money Playing Online Games

How delighted is it to the online game lovers that they can not only enjoy playing games but also they can play games for real money. There are various ways which can assist you to win real money free who have expertise in playing online games. Below are the various ways to earn money playing online games.

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Start a YouTube Channel 

If you are an expert in any online game, then you should make a YouTube Channels. Post videos playing that game, what tactics you use to complete the game and guide others what they should do with the help of commentary while playing the game.

If any new feature added in the game be first to guide how to use that feature. Even you can make a video of reviewing and caparisoning the games. There are many related channels on YouTube with millions of subscribers and views.

Stream on Twitch While Playing

There are many people out there who also watch online games playing by others. Twitch is a platform where various players online stream the games they play.

First, you have to become a Twitch Partner and you should fulfill their requirements then you will be able to earn money. On average, players earn $10,000 to $40,000 annually through this platform. 

Participate in Tournaments

Many online gaming sites hold events and tournaments for their players. They keep cash prizes for the winners. You can compete in such events and tournaments and win the cash prizes.

This is not a way of earning regularly but sometimes the prize amount can be huge. Games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, etc. organize such tournaments.


It is a free service that pays money to do some specific chores like watching videos, online shopping, searching for products, and playing games.  First, you have to become a member of this service and then participate in the daily featured promotions for various games to gain some experience and earning money.


On InboxDollars first thing you have to do is sign up with this website. You can earn some cash while playing online games on this Platform. On InboxDollars there are a variety of games for you to play and earn $10 per day and even you can make more with the progress.

Point Club

It is a famous survey platform where you are paid to complete different tasks like takings surveys and playing online games. You should be older than 13 years and have a valid email address to be part of it. Even after signing up, you will receive $5.


Gamesville is a famous web-based online gaming website. On this, when you play and win games you are awarded GV Rewards. Then these GV rewards are convertible into real cash and other prizes. This website also offers tournaments for real cash prizes.

On this, you can earn money playing your favorite games. If you are 18 years old then you can register yourself for free with this platform, then you get the opportunity to play 600 different games on this site.

Chip 2Play

Several tournaments are being played on this gaming site on daily basis. Players play with each other and end of the day the winner is awarded the prizes.

GSN Cash Games

There are many games on this gaming platform like arcades, puzzles, cards, strategy, word games, and many more. The interesting thing is first you have to play a sample game before entering the competition. The players in the competitions got select on the basis of their skills.

 World Winner

On this website, you have to pay a little amount of fee $0.25 before entering into cash prize tournaments. In this, games include Angry Birds, Super Plinko, and, Spades. This site allows you to practice before you participate in any tournament.

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As well as people play without pay online games, there are also many games that pay real money or there are various ways to earn money playing online games . The first thing you should have is interest to play online games. Then you can not only enjoy playing games but also it can become a source of income for you.

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