Gas Shortage Meme — The Recent Viral Meme Trend

In response to a cyber attack on a gasoline transport system, a sudden gas shortage erupted in the USA. After the news went viral, Netizens have flooded the internet with a variety of Gas Shortage meme.

In an unusual incident, a cyber criminal gang hijacked a major pipeline system. Resultantly, the supply of gasoline across the East Coast was disturbed. Following the news, people started to react on various social media platforms. Some reactions were extremely hilarious as social media users have shared images of people stashing gas in containers and plastic bags.

Seeing the gas shortage signs everywhere, people have been sharing hundreds of Gas Shortage Memes on their social media platforms. A similar incident happened when a massive container ship got stuck in the Suez Canal and authorities sent a tiny excavator and bulldozer to free the ship.

Though this was a serious matter as the ship blocked the canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, troubling hundreds of other ships but people somehow found a way to celebrate this incident too. Similarly, the gas shortage meme has also become massively popular among internet users.

What Is Gas Shortage Meme

Image Of What Is Gas Shortage Meme

The Gas Shortage meme began spreading on the internet when a Colonial Pipeline was hijacked by a group of hijackers. The incident happened on 8th of this month. The pipeline that was hijacked was responsible to supply gasoline across the East Coast. It carries 45% of the East Coast’s supply of diesel, petrol and jet fuel.

In response to this, the pipe line’s operations were stopped all of a sudden which created shortage of gas. Resultantly, the gas stations ran out of gas and the prices kept climbing. Considering the situation, meme community rolled up their sleeves and came up with some amazing meme content.

We have provided the most popular Gas Shortage Memes below.

One user tweeted, “When you don’t have to worry about the gas shortage because you don’t have a license”.

Addressing the monopoly it has created for the drivers, one twitter user said, “Tesla drivers are feeling smug right now.”

Comparing the shortage to another commodity shortage a user on Twitter tweeted, “It was bad enough when there was a chicken shortage. Now, this?”

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Gas Shortage Meme 2021

Image Of Gas Shortage Meme 2021

This is the most hilarious meme I consider. “Laughing at everyone panic buying gas while I hope I run out so I can’t go to work.”

One Twitter user @DeathMetalViking wrote, “#Gasshortage is trending and it always cracks me up how super close American is to going full Mad Max.”

Some users posted the long queues of cars on the gas stations and wrote, “Nobody:

Dumbasses in the East Coast that heard the rumor of the gas shortage.”

Many users compared it with the shortage of toilet papers occurred lately. He said, the gas shortage is as bad as the toilet paper shortage. He further added, “People heading to the gas stations like they did for toilet paper will only make the #gasshortage worse.”

This sudden gas shortage also made people realize about the value of electric cars. Talking about his electric car one user posted, “Me being nosy at Chevron in my electric car during the #gasshortage”.

Another user compared the gas shortage with the chicken shortage and thought that they are living in the last days. The Tweet reads, “First the #chickenshortage now the #gasshortage & you telling me we not living in the last days.” In some of the memes, people were seen sitting on toy cars and that really was hilarious to watch.

Bottom Line

This was all about the recent gas shortage and the funny reactions of people to it. Let us know how you dealt this gas shortage?

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