Toyota 80th Anniversary: Another Scam You Must Know

A recently viral link claims that Toyota is giving away Corolla cars in response to its 80th Anniversary. If you have received this link already, then here is how to deal with this scam.

Text message and email scams have become a common way to trick internet users these days. Scammers send text messages and emails attached with suspicious links to internet users and they trick the users to click the links, resultantly the scammers get access to important credentials of users. This information is later used by the scammers to meet their false purposes.

After Amazon’s 26th anniversary scam, users are now being tricked by another scam named Toyota 80th Anniversary. The message comes with a caption that reads, “Free gifts for everyone”. Considering it genuine message, users click on the link attached to it which leads them to suspicious websites.

Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam

Image Of Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam

Toyota 80th Anniversary is a viral text message that is being circulated on WhatsApp. The message claims to give you a chance to win a Toyota Corolla during the 80th Anniversary of Toyota. As the message comes with the logo of Toyota, some internet users are being lured for some free gifts.

As you click on the link, you will be directed to a suspicious website that isn’t a Toyota-related website. Another important thing users should know is that Toyota was established on 28 August 1937, so they have celebrated their 80th anniversary in the year 2017.

Toyota confirmed its 80th anniversary in its Tweet made on 28th August 2017. Here is what the Tweet reads, “Happy Birthday #Toyota! 80 years and counting. Celebrating with a big THANK YOU to everyone who helps to make it possible every day”. You can visit the official website of Toyota for further clarification.

Toyota 80th Anniversary Scam 2021

Here are some important facts that justify that the “Toyota 80th Anniversary” message is just a scam.

1. Suspicious URL

If you have already received this message, then you might have observed that the website link is highly suspicious. The URL goes like, http://1s7wttd.nodxteh.–. This link isn’t related to Toyota at all rather it is an unrelated Chinese-registered domain.

Besides this, the URL isn’t a secure one. It isn’t an SSL-encrypted link, so understand that legitimate websites always use SSL-encrypted links that start with HTTPS, instead of HTTP.

2. Suspicious website with so many errors

The second point that makes this link suspicious is the page where you are directed after clicking on the link. The page is filled with grammatical errors, which is not common with legitimate sites.

Following this, on the page, you will be asked some silly questions like, Do you know Toyota? Though the page has some comments by people saying they have won Toyota Corolla, these accounts seem to be fake, as clicking on their names you will get nowhere.

Another important thing you should consider is, why would Toyota give away so many Corolla cars? That’s highly suspicious.

Toyota Promotion 2021

Image Of Toyota Promotion 2021

3. You will always win a Corolla upon responding to the silly questions

The third suspicious point is that, upon completing the survey you will always win a Corolla. But, after winning it you can’t claim it directly. Similar to all other scams, you will have to share the link with 5 groups or 20 friends on WhatsApp to claim your car.

Even after sharing it with your friends, you get absolutely nothing. Instead, clicking on the link may infect your device with malware. So, the users need to examine suspicious messages and links before clicking and sharing them in their circle.

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Final Verdict

After examining various suspicious points related to this WhatsApp message, we have come to the conclusion that Toyota 80th Anniversary is a scam. So, internet users should avoid getting in contact with such links and messages.

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  1. Thank for info, I was victim, till I declined to send verification code to their 20 contacts with UK’s lines. Hope I’m safe now.


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