Junebug Challenge — Another Viral Dance Trend

If you are a live user of TikTok, you might have seen a lot of videos with hashtag Junebug Challenge on the ForYou page of TikTok. What does it entail? From where did it get its name? who started this challenge? How to do this challenge? To know answers of all these question keep scrolling till the end of this article.

TikTok is famous for its unique dance trends since its launch. After the viral Buss It dance Trend users on TikTok are now obsessed with Junebug Challenge this January. This challenge has already amassed 14 million views on TikTok. The challenge asks the users to come up with unique and humorous content. Users have to shoot on different locations to create a long funny video.

If you are eager to be part of this challenge the very first thing you have to do is to find some new/creative funny spaces to shoot your moves. Let’s dig in deep to learn what else do we need to complete this challenge.

What Is Junebug Challenge

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Junebug Challenge is the biggest hit on TikTok currently. The challenge started when as social media personality and digital creator named as @juneelite on TikTok flaunted a video on December 24th, last year. He rolled his video on Instagram and TikTok, followed by some more videos till the hashtag made its place on the ForYou page.

The creator of this challenge lives in Los Angeles and people know him as Junebug. This is where this viral trend got its name. Junebug has currently more than 180.8k followers on TikTok. He has gathered more than 1.9 million hearts on his videos.

The first video for JuneBugchallenge has got more than 2 million times. The video features June bug dancing in various locations, including inside a lift, on the stairs, in the bathtub, kitchen and on terrace. He can be seen doing some hilarious dance moves on the song Beatbox by an American rapper SpotemGottem.

How To Do Junebug Challenge

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To be part of this viral challenge is quite simple. Open your TikTok application and record small videos at various weird locations. You can choose any weird location like bathroom, on the hood of a car, or at the store, on the roadside, in a lift, in kitchen or any other public place.

Do the signature dance moves and compile all the small videos to make a long funny video. Add the Beatbox song in the background and you are ready to kick-start the challenge.

Once you are done with the video creation process, roll the video from your TikTok account with the hash tag Junebug Challenge. We assure you that your video will surely make its way to the ForYou page if it contains entertaining content.

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Junebug Challenge Song

The song used for this challenge is sung by a Florida based Rapper SpotemGottem. The song was released last year, since the Junebug Challenge has emerged, the song is currently going viral on Internet. Here is the phrase you need to learn to complete this challenge.

“Burn away a carbon beam, knocked yo’ legs off,”

“Tried to get away from me, had a standoff, Hit ’em in the spine, knock his dreads off,”

“Call me Kobе, 24 on me,” and the lyrics continues.

The challenge is getting positive reviews from the TikTok users, here are some of the opinions about this viral dance trend.

One user tweeted ‘’Junebug Challenge is the best Challenge so far this year.” Another added ‘’I may come off as a #BussItChallenge kinda girl I’m really the #JunebugChallenge type,”

Concluding Remarks

This was all about the viral dance trend Junebug Challenge. Hope you have got enough information about this viral dance challenge. Let us know with your comments if you have participated in the trend or not.

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