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Rap songs are rocking the video-sharing app for some last weeks. Following the trend, the “From The Back” song is storming the foryou page of TikTok. If you are not sure of where on earth this popular soundtrack came from, read this article till the end.

In some recent weeks, TikTok users are coming up with rap songs and the Foryou page seems hijacked by the peppy beats. Following the lively Sloppy Floppy and Daddy Daddy song, users are now obsessed with the “From The Back” song. This latest trend involves making videos from the back while playing the “From The Back” in the background.

Some users seem offended by the soundtrack as the lyrics are quite offensive while the majority of users are grooving on the frisky beat. If you haven’t participated in this viral challenge yet, here is how to be part of it.

Who Is The Singer Of TikTok Song “From The Back”?

TikTok’s current sensation “From The Back” is originally sung by lil.eaarl and HunchoDaRockstar. The song has released recently in 2021 and it has now become a big hit on TikTok.

There also are several remix versions of the song that are making rounds on the video-sharing app. Among all the popular remixes the one made by Trippie Redd and Playboi Carti has earned notable applauds from the audience.

The trend “From The Back” became popular on TikTok after a user named @<33 rolled a video playing the track in the background. As soon as this video was uploaded, thousands of users hopped into the queue making the soundtrack a big hit.

Currently, there are over 300k videos that feature the “From The Back” song in the background. Users have taken it to various other social media platforms and have confessed their obsession with this viral soundtrack.

TikTok From The Back Song Lyrics

If you are unable to understand what the artists are actually singing, here we have provided the full lyrics of the TikTok Song “From The Back”. Have a look!

From the back, from the back (Repeat 9 times)

Imma beat that hoe from the back, beat that hoe from the back (Repeat 3 times)

[Verse 1- HunchoDaRockstar]
From the back that ass look fat
It’s my fifth time hitting up sex
We can fuck but I wanna hit the cash
I got to a mili and called bеing scared
I wanna do my lil dance but I’m to high of the trash
Whеn I hit from the back Imma pull up the trash
Moonwalk in this bitch like I am Micheal Jackson
I’m with yo whole crew not a fraction
Ouu that ass fat might as well through it back
Ouu that ass fat might as well through it back
Throw that ass back bitch
Throw that ass back (damn)


From the back, from the back (Repeat 9 times)

Imma beat that hoe from the back, beat that hoe from the back (Repeat 3 times)

[verse 2- lil eaarl]
God damn that ass is fat
Shoutout to the bitches in the back(I see you)
Might pull up in the [?]
I ain’t got no time to relax
Cause all I’m chasing is a sack
I don’t want your bitch just relax
5 star nigga no time to chat
Look Earl thats a fact
You wanna show with a racks
My bitches bad with no tats
And I been beating that ass from the back

Been beating that ass from the back (Repeat 5 times)

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Last Words

This was all about the viral “From The Back” song on TikTok. Do you have participated in this song earlier? If yes, drop the video in the below comment box for better reach.

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