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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a franchise that most of us have at least heard of if not played. , the franchise’s current poster boy has even managed to score the second best-selling game of all time title. GTA online, the multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto V, has announced a new collective Heist Challenge called GTA 100 billion challenge this time asking the community to steal a collective $100 billion from any of the online heist finale.  

 With over 120 million copies sold worldwide. And thanks to Epic Games, it soon might become the number one best-selling game of all time. If the goal is reached, all players will get a special vehicle for free in December, while players who actively participated in one of the heists will unlock a special bonus for their efforts.

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What Is GTA 100 Billion Challenge?

The Heist challenge if the community can collectively steal GTA $100 Billion across all GTA online Heist finale between now and November 18th, we will reward everybody with a special new vehicle, free of charge for a limited time this December. The amount being asked for is pretty huge just a few billion dollars under the net worth of the world’s second richest man, Bill Gates, or around half the net worth of the richest, Jeff Bezos.

Luckily, cash is a little easier to come by in GTA than in the real world. To inspire players to get back into the game and get heisting, GTA Online is also offering a $1,000,000 bonus to everyone who logs in between now and November 18. As an added incentive, Casino Heist Setup Fees have been discounted by 75% until the end of the challenge, making it a lot more tempting to give a heist a crack.

Players have until November 18th to hit the lofty $100 billion goal and unlock the free vehicle, which hasn’t yet been revealed.

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How To Play GTA 100 Billion Challenge ?

All participants who partake in this week’s Heist challenge will receive an additional bonus. A special badge of honor for their efforts. Thus, it is time that players assemble their crew, plan their operations and keep an eye out for updates. To help out players’ efforts to actually get started with the Heists in the game. Rock star in this week’s update, have slashed the prices of the Casino Heist setup fee by 75%.

This means that more players will be able to afford the setup costs in GTA Online this week for the Diamond Casino Heist. Which is one of the highest-paying heists in the game. To help players further, Diamonds will also be making a return in the Casino Heist. Making for a higher payout with each Heist should the players manage to bag a chunk.

GTA Online seems to be ramping things up for a massive update at the end of the year. The Heist Challenge will certainly get the ball rolling and get players into the game. In addition, players will also receive a special badge of honor for their efforts. Even if the $100billion objective is not reached. The developer is also waving 75 per cent of the cost of Casino Heist Setup Fees until the end of the challenge. In order to get players to participate.


In order to initiate a heist and become a crew leader. Players must be at least rank 12 in GTA online and own a high end apartment. Players who have completed the GTA online tutorial and are rank 01. Higher can take part in setup and finale missions.

One player (who initiates the heist and functions as the host) serves as the group leader. And must front an initial sum of money in order to start the heist. This money is used to procure equipment and other various items, and will be recouped at the end.

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