Valhalla Hallucination Challenge — How To Complete It?

Want to learn how Valhalla Hallucination Challenge can be completed? Well, you are so on point. This article will help you understand the easiest ways to complete these challenges. The game Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has featured some (Fly Agaric) mushrooms in it that cause hallucination challenges.

Most of the challenges ask the gamers to solve some riddles You can complete all these challenges easily if you eat the mushrooms (Fly Algric) before you begin with the challenge.

What Is Valhalla Hallucination Challenge

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The players undergo hallucination challenges in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. These challenges will expand your vision towards the world. It will enable you to witness certain items only if you eat mushrooms before the game challenge starts.

Gamers will undergo a lot of challenges but currently we will be discussing two of them. Firstly, we will discuss the challenge you will undergo in the Rygjafylke region. It is a small island to the northwest of Mannskapsangrep landmark.

You have to reach this location first. Once you get there eat a mushroom (Fly Algric). It will blur your image resultantly enabling you to figure out the riddle and complete the challenge. For the completion of challenge you will get a note, written with wobbly alphabets. The note says:

  1. The first gate leads to Thruthheim, Where Thor thunders until Ragnarök.
  1. The second gate leads to Freyja’s Folkvang, For good men and women grown weary of battle.
  2. The third gate leads to Glasheim, Where the All-Father welcomes his blood-drinkers.

You will witness 3 statues from the place you got the note. These statues represent three Gods (Thor, Freyja, and Odin) that are mentioned in the note. All of these 3 Gods have their own distinct features. To complete the first challenge you have to find the Thor’s gate and cross it. To find this gate, look for a statue holding a hammer. There you will find a gate, once you find it you have to pass through the gate.

The next step is to identify the female Goddess Freyja. Being only female, you can identify her easily. Once you find the gate and pass through it, you are done with the second challenge. Now you have to find out the statue holding a spear in his right hand. Once you find the gate and pass through it, the trail will be over.

How To Complete Valhalla Hallucination Challenge

Here is how you can complete another Valhalla Hallucination Challenge named as Grantebridgescire Fly Agaric hallucination challenge in in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

To complete each Hallucination Challenge you have to solve a set of puzzles and fly the mushrooms in Grantebridgescire (A region Assassin’s CreedValhalla). Then it will ask you to light the correct stoves that will enable you to open a gate. To guess the right brazier you have to consider your environment. If you still need help we are here to help you with solving the Valhalla hallucination challenges in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To solve the puzzle you have to light up three braziers in total. The Braziers have gates positioned behind them so you can identify them so easily if you look closely. You have to turn the flame of braziers into blue once identified. If you have successfully identified the correct braziers, then the center gate will activate and you can pass through it. This is how the challenge can be completed.

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Concluding Remarks

After completing these challenges and world events, you can earn skill points. These skill points will make Eivor stronger to encounter difficult challenges. With enough skill points in hand, you can unlock some best skills in the game that will improve your sneakiness and exploration.

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