Instagram Removed The Link Sticker Option — Explained

Instagram users are confused as the popular social media app has removed the Link Sticker Option from the platform. However, some users claim that they are still having the option on their accounts. Others have complained about the missing option on Twitter. Here is all we know about the missing feature so far.

Earlier this year, Instagram was testing on a feature that enabled the users to add links to their stories. Previously, this option was only available for users who had more than 10K followers on their handles. However, this option was later made available to all the users.

Currently, some users are complaining that this option is again being removed for several users and they seem upset about it. Some users deem that, the option was removed after Instagram has observed some violations of its community guidelines.

Instagram Has Removed The Link Sticker Option For Some Users

Image Of Instagram Has Removed The Link Sticker Option For Some Users

Thousands of Instagram users have been complaining on Twitter about the removal of link stickers from the platform. As people are looking to access the link sticker, they are getting a pop-up notification revealing that users are “losing access to the link sticker”.

The message further reads, “Starting on 25 October, you will no longer have access to the link sticker because you have shared content that violates our Community Guidelines”.

Instagram has also revealed that users are adding links that do not comply with the community guidelines; hence they have removed the option. However, users do not agree with this.

Many users have expressed their rage over Twitter. Most of them do not seem happy with this amendment. While sharing the screenshot of the pop-up notification, one user wrote, “Want a fun exercise? Search “link sticker Instagram” & watch censorship happening in real-time”.

Users’ Reaction On Twitter About Instagram’s Big Update

Image Of Users’ Reaction On Twitter About Instagram’s Big Update

Although users have flooded Twitter with complaints, Instagram hasn’t responded to any of the complaints yet.

Few users have said that Instagram has wrongly removed this option hence the app must add it back. This is an essential feature for people who use Instagram to generate leads for their websites. Most merchandise handlers add the links of their products on Instagram to earn their income hence this option had become a vital source of income for them.

Users are waiting for Instagram’s stance about the removal of the feature but the application hasn’t responded yet. So, there isn’t any information about whether the application is going to add this feature back or it’s gone permanently.

Here is how Instagram users have expressed their disappointment over Twitter:

While sharing a screenshot of the error message one user wrote, A thread: Today, the first thing I saw on Instagram was this attached right in between my stories and post. @instagram has not only removed my eligibility for branded content but they’re also going to take away the link sticker because I’ve apparently violated their terms.”

Another said, “Losing access to my link sticker on Instagram (where literally most of my income comes from) as a result of having stories reported where I spoke about the sexual harassment I receive on social media. What a f***ing complete and utter joke that app is”.

One person who relied entirely on The Link Sticker Option of Instagram for his income wrote,  “@Instagram you just took away the ability for me to drive sales to my music by taking away the link sticker & are taking away my income. I didn’t post anything that violated your guidelines or it would show that under violations.”

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Bottom Line

Although Instagram has Removed The Link Sticker Option from the platform, it might add it back because the option is giving a huge loss to thousands of users. What is your stance on this Instagram downgrade?

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