Scoop Meaning On Twitter — The Viral Slang Term

Gen Z is up with a new slang term Scoop on Twitter and many other social media platforms, users are wondering for figuring out its meaning. If you are among these users, you have reached the most appropriate site. Keep scrolling and add this new slang term to your social media dictionary.

Creating new slang terms and acronyms has become quite common for young internet users. From Twitter to TikTok and Instagram to Snapchat, users come across numerous new terms each day. Gen Z especially specializes in creating new slang terms and acronyms that millennials barely understand.

Most of the time, these terms are designed to keep the conversation short and to keep them secret. In some cases, users even create shortcodes to talk publicly with their friends without letting anyone else know what they are actually talking about.

Well, there is another addition to the dictionary of slang terms and we are going to dig out the meaning of this trendy slang “Scoop”. Stay tuned and learn how to use this slang like a boss!

What Is The Meaning Of Slang Scoop?

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A new slang “Scoop” is getting traction on several social media sites including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok but, the majority of users are unaware of its meaning.

Some users claim that Scoop has most likely a social function that being just about communication. It refers to what your attitudes are in a specific group and also about whom you like and whom you don’t.

As soon as this slang has become popular on internet, users have started using it in their day-to-day conversations.

Here is how social media users are using this slang in their normal conversation on internet.

One Twitter user wrote, “I just wish my soulmate would come scoop me up bruh , I’m ready.”

Another said, “As soon as I hop off the struggle bus another one comes by to scoop me right back up”.

The third user wrote, “I get tired of driving when somebody gon scoop me up lmao”.

Well, the meaning of Scoop on Twitter and all other social media platforms is “Scoop is a Cali word for picking up anyone or any group of people.”

So, Scoop is an alternate way to say PICK UP. According to Gen Z, the definition of being Scooped is “being picked up by a car, usually by someone who is going to a different location instead of where they picked you up.”

Scoop Meaning On TikTok

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Another meaning of Scoop is, to put your hands at the bottom of your chest and lifting it up. It can be done by any male to his other male friend in a non-homosexual way. Yes, girls can also do it to other men but yeah, seeking permission before Scooping is mandatory.

Here are some more examples that will help you understand how this slang term can be used in daily conversation.

1. “Right, bro! This is something that I’m interested in! Do you want me to scoop you up? ”

2. When you push a boob up  “He scooped me up & smashed his hand on my chest. ”

3. To go over to the house and just get them. ” we’re planning to scoop you up after 7, homie.”

This slang term has also paved the path for several memes on the internet. Search for the hashtag #scoop on any of the social media platforms and you will get more information about this popular slang.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the popular term Scoop and its usage on the Internet. Hopefully, you have got all the information you were searching for. Drop a comment below if you want us to explore any other slang term.

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