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Remember the sick TikTok trend ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ that went viral earlier this year? TikTok users are demanding to cancel the ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Trend from the video-sharing app. If you aren’t familiar with what this trend actually means, here is everything you need to know.

TikTok users come up with a variety of content each day. Most of the content they share is entirely light-hearted and involves dance videos and funny short clips. However, sometimes the content creators roll darker challenges that become viral for the wrong reasons.

A similar trend that faced backlash in the first quarter of 2021 has resurfaced on the video-sharing app. Nevertheless, TikTok users are fighting to cancel the ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Trend. Here is what this negative trend means and how can it be cancelled from TikTok.

What Does ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Mean On TikTok?

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The current viral, ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Trend first emerged on TikTok in April 2021. It required the users to record their voice saying “Burgundy Sauce Backwards” and reverse the sound later on. To complete the challenge users were supposed to use a digital voice reverser. However, most users used Snapchat’s reverse feature to get this done.

As you reverse Burgundy Sauce Backwards, it makes a sick racial slur. Though the majority of users are aware of its meaning, they are still considering it a normal joke thus it has made more than a splash on TikTok.

This viral TikTok trend has reached Twitter also and users are demanding to get rid of it. Twitter users are urging their followers not to be part of this trend and to ignore the memes that revolve around this racial slur.

TikTok users are also playing their role to get rid of this trend and they have flaunted numerous videos demanding to cancel this trend. One TikTok user filmed a video that showcased him saying, “When you were told to video yourself saying ‘burgundy sauce’ and told to play it in reverse”. He added the caption, “cancel burgundy sauce” and revealed that he was not in favour of this sick trend.

Another person added a video on TikTok saying, “Whatever you do, do not say ‘burgundy sauce’ and reverse it. I’ve warned you”. In the caption, he wrote, “Listen to me or learn the hard way.”

Although this pathetic trend has taken over Twitter and TikTok, users are now trying to remove it from the internet.

Internet users are creating awareness among their friends about how this trend can entirely be removed from all social media platforms.

TikTok Users Are Fighting To Cancel The Sick ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Trend               

Image Of TikTok Users Are Fighting To Cancel The Sick ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Trend

Though the viral ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Trend had existed on the internet for so long, TikTok users have just discovered it now. Many users who aren’t aware of the meaning of Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’, are falling into this sick racial joke. But most of them are regretting it afterwards.

So, if you want this trend to be removed from the video-sharing app, all you have to do is to ignore all the memes that are based on this trend.

Refrain from liking or sharing any of the memes that contain this ill joke.

Ignore people who ask you to interact with this sick meme or are trying to play pranks on you.

Considering the above points, you can help many other internet users to kill this racial joke forever.

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Bottom Line

This was all about what the ‘Say Burgundy Sauce Backwards’ Trend means and ways to cancel it from the internet. If you have already taken part in this racial trend, remove all the related posts in order to become a responsible internet user.

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