Twitch Streamer Kimmikka banned From The Platform

The Twitch streamer Kimmikka is banned from the platform for a controversial stream. The streamer has shared explicit content in her recent stream. Users are demanding a longer ban. Here is everything you need to know about why is Kimmikka banned from Twitch and what was content she shared in the live stream. Stay tuned!

Social media applications observe strict community guidelines that every content creator needs to follow. These guidelines are outlined in order to make the platforms safe for all their users. Some of the content types that are banned from several platforms are content related to hate speech, child abuse, animal abuse, sexually explicit content, and dangerous content.

Users and content creators have to strictly follow these guidelines in order to keep their journey smooth.

The recent guideline violation is being reported from Twitch where a streamer named Kimmikka is being banned from the platform for sharing explicit content. According to the reports, she is being banned for a week but Netizens are demanding a permanent ban. What was the content all about and what forced Twitch to ban Kimmikka from the platform? We gave broken down everything here in this article. Stay tuned!

Why Is Kimmikka Banned From Twitch?

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Kimmikka is a Twitch streamer who started her Twitch journey on 24th July 2022. At the time of the ban, she had just 231 followers on her handle. However, she has attracted the rage of Netizens after sharing a stream that is not morally and ethically acceptable. She also is an active content creator on Trovo.

Note: The article contains content of disturbing nature.

According to the reports, we have come to know that Kimmikka in her recent stream was seen having live sex. For getting involved in sexual activities while on Live Stream, the Twitch Streamer Kimmikka is being banned from the platform.

As revealed by The Sun, Kimmikka has received a seven-day ban on the platform. The controversial stream took place on August 24th. When the stream initially began, the users didn’t find anything wrong at all, but later her expressions started to change.

The users who have watched this live stream have revealed that they saw a reflection in the window of the streamer getting involved in a sexual act.

However, there is no information about the streamer being in view of the camera. Her followers have revealed that she replied to the chat while having live sex. This video is now uploaded to another website as well.

Kimmikka Controversial Twitch Stream

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Revealing more about the controversy, Twitter user Jack Lucky said, “The streamer who had sex on stream verbally stated she only got a 7-day ban from Twitch, and she did not show the email or screenshots of the ban. Highly doubt Twitch will keep it at 7 days now.”

The case is now trending on Twitter as well. Users are expressing their opinion about the alleged stream. One user wrote, “No one finds an issue w/ these companies getting backlash and deciding to reduce or increase ban lengths? Whether it’s the NFL or even YouTube there isn’t any consistency in their punishments?”

The famous YouTube content creator has also joined in to talk about the case. He said, “Girl has sexual relations live on stream. I couldn’t believe it.”

He further revealed that he is permanently banned from Twitch, but she is only getting banned for a week. The YouTuber argued that Twitch is playing ‘Favorites’.

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The Last Words

This is how and why Twitch streamer Kimmikka is being banned from the platform. What’s your opinion about Twitch’s banning her for a week only? Let us know in the below comment box002E

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