How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft – Complete Instructions

Tamed a hourse already but unable to take control of it? Here’s how you can make a Saddle and control your mount in Minecraft.

Minecraft is among the most famous games in the gaming history. It is equally popular among all age groups due to its easy accessibility feature. The reasons behind its popularity are its simple control and gameplay system. The game is quite easy to understand but there also are some tricky tasks to be accomplished.

Minecraft is a survival game where each game system is dependent on the other. Minecraft allows the players to reign freely over the world. Resultantly, the players can collect or craft the game materials inside the game world.

The game players are currently in surge to know how to make a saddle in Minecraft. This article will help you to craft a saddle with step-by-step- instructions.

How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft 2020

Initially it should be understood that, saddle is an item that cannot be crafted with the help of a crafting table and furnace. You can add the saddle into your inventory by gathering it inside the game. You can find it by trading, exploration and fishing. There are more chances of getting the saddle in survival mode. It can be found inside the chest in a Dungeon or in Nether Fortress.

Here is how you can make a saddle in survival mode of Minecraft:

  1. Find a Chest In Dungeon
  2. Find a Chest In Nether Fortress
  3. Try To Find a Saddle While Fishing

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How Do You Craft A Saddle In Minecraft

Let’s learn how to craft the saddle in each of the way discussed earlier.

1. Find a Chest In Dungeon.

Image Of How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft

To find the saddle, the gamers should firstly find a dungeon. The dungeons are mostly located underground. These are comprised of small rooms made with cobblestones. To find a dungeon you need to dig underground, you may also switch to spectator game mode to know where exactly the dungeon is located.

Once you find the dungeon, you need to search for chests inside it. The chests contain different items, if you are lucky enough then you may find a Saddle here.

2. Find a Chest In Nether Fortress.

Image Of Nether Fortress In Minecraft.

You may also add saddle into inventory by visiting Nether fortress. Nether fortress is located in Nether and if you haven’t been there you may need to build a Nether portal to get transported from Overworld to Nether. Once you get there, look for chests inside the fortress. You may find a saddle here. If not, then there is nothing to worry about. We have another solution for you.

3. Try To Find a Saddle While Fishing

If you are unable to find a saddle in dungeon and Nether Fortress, then you will surely find one while fishing.

To find saddle underwater you will need a fishing line. If you have one, then you can cast it into the water. As soon as you cast your fishing line inside water then you will experience some bubbles popping out of water.

Be patient and wait for the bubbles to come closer. Once you feel that your bobber is being pulled, reel in your fishing line. Here you go! Once found, the saddle with automatically get added into the inventory. Saddle is now available for use.


Saddle is one of most popular items in Minecraft but players cannot simply make it on the crafting table. The saddle has to be ventured out in the world of Minecraft. We just hope that the article will be helpful for the game players to hunt the saddle easily.  

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