“Love Knows No Bounds Novel” A Mysterious Novel. Read Online

Your heart can beat for anyone. Because love knows no bounds. That’s why people say” love is blind”. Love is not just an emotion however; it is a way of life which lends itself to the promotion of peace and happiness. You will find this in the novel ” love knows no bounds novel”.

No individual on this planet should go unloved, because love in and of itself exists for each person, and if no one else is there to love us, we should love ourselves for the beautiful human beings we are meant to be.

Love Knows No Bounds Novel Book Story: Read Online Free

I just wanted to tell you that this novel is the true definition of love knows no bonds. It is a very amazing novel to read. You will get addicted to it when you start reading it. Read it online or you can get a PDF version of it. The author of this novel has built an amazing twist and suspense in this novel. Reader cannot leave it in the middle of the story.

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Love Knows No Bounds

I believe “love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen.” The capacity to love is an inherent ability capable of transcending all boundaries.

Human nature in itself is a paradox in that we set these boundaries ourselves: homophobia, racism, sexism, etc. are all formed by the human mind; yet our instincts tell us these walls must be broken by any means necessary.

Love and hate are not opposites; rather, they are like brothers who complement one another. Without love, there cannot be hate, and more importantly without hate, there cannot be love. As such, these boundaries become nothing more than pebbles in a shoe: a nuisance, but overall meaningless.

Love Knows No Bounds Novel

In this novel you will find two main characters who have a great age difference between each other. A novel which is full of mystery. The name of the girl is Yan Amno. Her father died when she was a kid and since then she has been living with her mother. Her mother is a professional performer who performs on stage. In her profession she drinks too.

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Love Knows No Bounds A Short Explanation Of Novel

Yan Amno’s real life story begins when she is on a stage with her mother who has drunk and performed. The audience (men) there drink too. Meanwhile, the police enter the hall. Suddenly she finds her mother died on the floor. Police arrest a few men and the girl is taken to a police station. Her beauty makes the police amazed too.

Thereafter she is sent to an orphan house.  People started visiting for her adoption. One day her adoption becomes final.  He is a young man.  After paper he takes her to his home. His house is very beautiful. She had seen it in such buildings when she used to go with her mother.

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Love Knows No Bounds PDF

This one trait makes her even more adorable, her physical features carry the signs of a young stunning lady even at that age. This attracts care from elders and jealousy from her peers at school. The girl has astraphobia. This fear brings both closer. There is a plan of man behind her adoption. But she blindly trusts her.

She believes that he is her great protector. In her life, Yan Anmo has two fears in this love knows no bound. One is the fear of lightning and the other is the fear of abandonment. One cannot be prevented, but she tries her best to keep the later fear at bay with her attitude. He starts getting attracted to her. She also has such feelings. But, she is unaware of his plan behind his adoption.

Love Knows No Bounds Read Online

You all are wondering why he adopted her? Does her guardian really fall in love with her? What is the plan Yan Amno was unaware of? What will be happening at the end of this novel? To get answers to all these questions you will have to read online here or find a PDF book.

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