TikTok Error This Content Is Age-Restricted — How To Fix?

A trending TikTok error ‘This Content Is Age-Restricted’ is annoying the content creator on the video-sharing app and they are looking for a possible fix. If you are among these users, here we have gathered all about the trendy error “This Content Is Age-Restricted’ and some possible fixes. Stay with us!

Encountering errors on the video-sharing app and related social media platforms is no surprise. As the number of users is soaring with each passing day, social media platforms seem to land in trouble. With each passing day, users are encountering new errors on the ByteDance-owned app and users are not pleased at all.

Just recently, thousands of users have come across an error saying ‘This Content Is Age-Restricted’ and they are getting no way to get rid of it. Several users have rushed to Twitter just to know whether they are alone in this. However, the error is a widespread one and thousands of users have encountered it.

Here is more about what the error is, and some of the possible fixes!

What Is ‘This Content Is Age-Restricted Error’ On TikTok?

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A number of users have complained that they are unable to watch their desired content on TikTok following an error titled ‘This Content Is Age-Restricted’.

According to TikTok, this feature is specially designed to limit underage users from accessing the platform and possible sensitive content. However, the feature seems to hinder the usage of adults too.

As users are trying to access a video or a content creator, they get welcomed by a post saying ‘This Content Is Age-Restricted’ and users are not happy at all. The problem is they are unable to fix the issue.

Following this error, some users have added that they also are unable to access the TikToks that they have liked and commented on previously.

Annoyed by this recurring error and unable to access their desired content, TikTok users have poured complaints on Twitter. Here are some of the notable Tweets, addressing this trouble TikTok error.

One user wrote, “Why is my TikTok age-restricted, I am GROWN”.

Another said, “@TikTok_us could you please fix your age settings. I’m being restricted from videos, I have already commented on, because of age restrictions, and now I can’t set my age.”

Another user Tweeted, “Why am I being age-restricted on videos? I’ve already commented, liked, and reposted????????”

How is TikTok gonna age-restrict my very big age? I literally am not even that active on my account either smh, also can’t even turn it off bc it says that it’s already off… lmao this is what happens when I try new apps. It was a good three-month run Tik. Goodbye”, wrote another frustrated user.

How To Fix TikTok Error ‘This Content Is Age-Restricted’?

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Although the video-sharing app is yet to address the issue, here we have gathered some possible fixes to get rid of TikTok Error ‘This Content Is Age-Restricted’. Have a look!

1. The foremost reason why you are encountering this error might be your age. Check your settings to figure out your age. The minimum age permitted by the platform is 13. If you are 12 or below, or if you have entered your age mistakenly, there is no way to fix the age manually. You may have to create a whole new TikTok account or contact customer support. But this time, be careful with the age you are providing.

2. Another possible fix to this issue is to check the privacy settings on your profile. Change the settings and check if it works.

3. Also, the restricted mode can be turned off manually if the user has activated the feature using a four-digit password.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the TikTok Error This Content Is Age-Restricted and the possible available fixes. Hopefully, the content was helpful.

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