Is Sienna Mae Dead? TikTok Rumor Debunked

If you are an avid user of TikTok, you must have come across videos that claim that Sienna Mae is dead. Is the star really dead or these are mere speculations? We have found everything for you here in this article. Keep reading!

After Sienna Mae has disappeared from her social media handles, fans have started assuming that the start has passed away. The popular star Sienna Mae got the spotlight after getting into a relationship with Jack Wright. The star is being followed by millions of fans from across the globe, and most of them seem worried after Sienna hasn’t posted on her social media handles lately.

According to the sources, Sienna is away from all the social media platforms and is said to be concentrating on her mental health. However, fans are getting behind a baseless claim. The rumor is especially getting traction on TikTok as Sienna’s fake death news has paved the path for a whole new trend.

As the trend is getting considerable attention from users, the news is spreading like a wildfire online. But, it has to end here as Sienna Mae is not dead. She is staying away from social media just to concentrate on her mental health.

Here is more about why users are getting so much involved in spreading this baseless rumor.

Is Sienna Mae Really Dead?

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No, Sienna Mae is not dead! She is doing perfectly fine and she is just trying to take a break from social media.

The rumor claiming the passing of Sienna Mae, has got traction after several content creators on TikTok have come up with videos in support of the rumor. To add salt to the injury, several Twitter users have also come forwards. We were also able to spot some Tweets claiming the star has passed away. However, none of the claims are true!

The star is doing well and she is trying to take out a few moments for herself.

As of now, the fake death news of Sienna Mae has spread like wildfire on the internet. It has even become a bandwagon and thousands of videos are already being created on the said subject. Most of the videos featuring this false news have boasted thousands of views thus making their way toward the Foryou page.

Is Sienna Mae’s Death News True?

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Although Sienna is not active on any of her social media handles, she is actively participating on her website. On her website, the last post is being made on 31st March which discusses her Muze Magazine feature.

The post read: “One thing no one really talks about when you’re getting into the entertainment business is how intimidating it can be (especially as a young woman) to walk onto a set with people who are two or three times your age and have been working for a long time.”

Sienna further added, “It’s such a good feeling when you get the vibe that all the pros you are working with take the time to lend some of their genius, which is exactly what happened on set this day. Everyone was incredibly gifted in their own right and the vibe of the shoot was so fun! We were blasting Ariana Grande, drinking Starbucks, and getting adventurous with my looks for the day.”

So, considering this recent post we can confirm that Sienna is doing well. And if you are encountering any videos talking about Sienna’s passing, don’t forget to report them there and then.

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The Last Words

Based on the available information, we have come to the conclusion that Sienna is not dead. Rather, she is just busy with her shoots and is taking a few days off from social media.

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