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The new album rolled by Camila Cabello is getting popular, especially for its name, ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ but some fans are curious to know the meaning behind this phrase. If you are among these users, here we have gathered every essential detail about this trendy album. Stay tuned!

The fans of Camila Cabello are blessed with her new album titled ‘Familia’. Although the album is getting popular among her fans, the track ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ has become the center of attraction for its weird name.

After encountering this alien title of the track ‘Hasta Los Dientes’, people have rushed to Twitter to find its meaning. To address the queries of all those people, here we have figured out the meaning of ‘Hasta Los Dientes’. Let’s start!

What Is The Meaning Of ‘Hasta Los Dientes’?

Image Of What Is The Meaning Of ‘Hasta Los Dientes’

The new album released by Camila Cabello is getting popular among the listeners. Although all the tracks from the album are worth listening to, ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ is getting the entire limelight for its unique title.

The album is also special for users because this is the first album that the star has released after her breakup. The tracks of the album talk about several things that the singer has encountered in her life and career so far.

One song from this same album titled Psychofreak, addresses Camilia’s split from Fifth Harmony. Similarly, another track ‘Bam Bam’ addresses the Shawn Mendes breakup.

Though the rest of the song titles are readable ad comprehensible, it’s Hasta Los Dientes that has baffled many of us. To find the meaning of this alien phrase, people have started inquiring on several platforms including Twitter, Reddit, and others.

As per our research, Hasta Los Dientes is a Spanish phrase that means, ‘to the teeth,’ ‘through the teeth,’ or ‘to the hilt.’

This phrase can be used alongside a verb like,  ‘to prepare’, ‘to lie’, ‘to be armed’, and ‘to be fed up’.

Here we have provided some examples that will help you understand how the phrase can actually be used:

  • Humanity is armed to the teeth with simple, effective solutions to poverty.
  • As mutual trust and confidence among States increase, there will be less need to arm ourselves to the teeth.
  • Turns out, he was lying through his teeth.

Camila Cabello’s New Song Hasta Los Dientes’

Image Of Meaning Of Camila Cabello’s New Song Hasta Los Dientes’

The lyrics alongside their translation are also available on YouTube. This is the eighth song of the album and is being produced by Ricky Reed.

The lyrics of the song goes as, “Tú me gustas como no tienes idea/ Y saber de tu Pasado me knockea/ Hasta dormida te imagino con ella/ Eso me enferma.”

The above lyrics mean, “I like you like you have no idea/ And knowing about your past knocks me out/ Even asleep I imagine you with her/ That makes me sick.”

This trendy track is being written by Camila, Big One, Ricky Reed, Maria Becerra, and Edge.

The sequence of the tracks from this latest album of Camila is as follows:

  • Familia
  • Celia
  • Psycho Freak (Ft. WILLOW)
  • Bam Bam (Ft. Ed Sheeran)
  • La Buena Vida
  • Quiet 
  • Boys Don’t Cry Lyrics  
  • Hasta Los Dientes (Ft. Maria Becerra) 
  • No Doubt Lyrics 
  • Don’t Go Yet
  • Lola (Ft. Yotuel) 
  • ”‹Everyone At This Party

Fans of Camila are enjoying the tracks to their fullest and they have also got popularity on social media platforms.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of ‘Hasta Los Dientes’ and the usage of this alien term. Hopefully, we are able to address all your queries.

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