Is TikTok Banning Accounts On 7th March? Explored

Rumors are flaunting across the foryou page of TikTok that, the video-sharing app is banning some accounts on 7th March. Are these rumors true or they are just baseless tales getting traction on the app? We have got you all the information here in this article, have a look.

Rumors about March 7th are spreading across TikTok and users claim that the video-sharing app is going to ban several accounts from the platform.

Thousands of users, who have amassed millions of followers after doing hard work for so long, are worried about the safety of their accounts.

If you are among such users longing to know the reason behind this news, we have got you covered. Here is whether or not TikTok is banning accounts on 7th March.

Why Is TikTok Banning Accounts On 7th March?

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Being home to billions of users from the world, rumors do not take long to get viral on the platform. Similar is the case with the 7th March rumor. Users believe that their accounts are getting banned from the ByteDance-owned app.

Several videos that have gone viral on the platform suggest that users must keep stock on their videos as Monday, 7th March could be the last day for many of the TikTok handles.

If you have encountered multiple 7th March videos, you must have got an idea about the rumors are mainly aimed at football accounts that have been using copyrighted content on their handles.

Many of the viral football accounts have already bid farewell to their followers thus these rumors are getting even more traction.

Some of the popular accounts rolled their last videos alongside the following captions:

One user wrote, “I guess this is goodbye before March 7th.”

Another user wrote, “I can’t lose my followers!”

I don’t know how true it is but, it could be the end of football TikTok, wrote another user.

So, the matter here is, is TikTok really going to ban accounts on 7th March? Here is the answer!

Is TikTok Really Banning Accounts On 7th March?

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Well, as far as this rumor is concerned, TikTok has not confirmed it yet. So, as of now, it is safe to say that TikTok is not going to ban your accounts. But if you are using copyrighted content on your handle, you might land in trouble.

The reason why people are drooling behind this rumor is, the video-sharing app is expected to update the community guidelines today on 7th March. `

As revealed by the Head of Trust and Safety Cormac Keenan, the TikTok guidelines will:

“strengthen our dangerous acts and challenges policy, broaden our approach to eating disorders, add clarity on the types of hateful ideologies prohibited on our platform. And expand our policy to protect the security, integrity, availability, and reliability of our platform.”

The TikTok representative however didn’t talk about any copyright policy update. So, the verdict is, if you are coping with all the community guidelines, you don’t need to get worried about getting your account banned.

If you have any copyrighted content on your app, remove it before the app launches a crackdown against copyrighted content.

To be safe on TikTok, make sure you are posting original and unique content. Do not post explicit content; don’t take part in spreading fake news. Also, make sure the content you share is safe and is causing no harm to your audience.

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The Last Words

TikTok has not rolled any statement regarding banning accounts on the 7th of March. However, it is confirmed that TikTok is going to update its community guidelines today.

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