Pimp Meaning On TikTok — Social Media Slang Explored

The word ‘Pimp’ has taken a whole new meaning on TikTok. You might know the meaning of ‘Pimp’ but I am pretty sure that you haven’t heard of the offensive meaning of this slang term that most users on TikTok refer to.

TikTok is home to millions of slang terms and with each passing day users come up with a new acronym. This isn’t just about TikTok, but users across social media are getting behind these slang terms.

If you are an old TikTok user, you must have learned several slang terms so far. Although these slang terms are used to keep the conversations short and private, they create huge trouble for the new users on the platform.

However, we always try our best to come up with all the hidden meanings of these slang terms to help our readers fully understand their conversations on the video-sharing app.

This time we are here with the hidden meaning of ‘Pimp’ on TikTok. Have a look!

What Is The Meaning Of Pimp On TikTok?

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You must have come across the word ‘Pimp’ in your life and you also must have an idea about what this viral word exactly is all about. Well, yes, Pimp is referred to as a person who are sex workers and who earn money by extending their services as sex workers.

However, according to the urban dictionary, the word ‘Pimp’ has several meanings. Some of the possible meanings of Pimp revealed by the Urban Dictionary are as follows:

1. To seek out hookers to make a profit off of them selling their bodies

2. The word Pimp is also used for a guy who has a lot of girlfriends or has been with a lot of women

3. Pimp can also be used for a totally badass individual. One that puts concentrates on a goal and achieves it, no matter how many bitches he has to slap

4. A Pimp is someone who shamelessly accepts money, gifts, and favors from others who hold them in high regard.

5. A woman that constantly has a stable of manwhores, either for pleasure or profit. She’s got so many guys around her she’s a lady pimp.

What Is The Meaning Of Simp On Social Media?

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Well, the meaning of Simp is totally different on social media. On social media platforms, the word pimp refers to someone who is not in a relationship but enjoys their single status by playing on others. They further show their status as single and behave as if they don’t have to depend on anyone.

Several users have shared videos saying, they have got over their “simp” phase by blossoming from a “simp” into a “pimp”.

The slang term ‘Simp’ and ‘Pimp’ have been making rounds on social media since users have started sharing their past relationships. The users reveal that they were simps initially but have now become ‘Pimp’.

The two slangs terms, Pimp, and simp showcase two different statuses. Simp is referred to an individual who caught feelings and was seriously trapped in love while Pimp has the opposite meaning.

Social media users, especially TikTok users are involved in making these two slang terms go viral on the internet. It has now become a whole new trend for users to reveal their relationship statuses by using these two slang terms.

Users have rolled thousands of videos revealing their journey From Simp to Pimp.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning of Pimp and Simp on TikTok. Hopefully, you have found the information you were looking for. So, what’s your status are you a simp or a pimp? Let us know in the comment box below.

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