Story Time And Crop Meaning On TikTok — Explored

A viral comment that reads, ‘Story Time And Crop’ is going viral on TikTok and users are curious to know the meaning behind it. If you are among the users looking for the meaning of Story Time And Crop, we have got you covered. Here is what this viral comment aims at and why every video contains this annoying comment.

TikTok dance trends and challenges have grown old now. TikTok users are looking for new ways to keep themselves entertained. However, the users this time are entertaining themselves at the cost of annoying their fellow content creators.

Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the latest TikTok comment trends that are annoying the avid TikTok users. Just recently, we were encountering comments like “Brownie Recipe” and now the users are drooling over another comment that says, “Story Time And Crop”.

Some users believe this comment trend to be another annoying game, while others believe it has a deep meaning behind it. To help the users understand what this comment trend is all about, here we have rounded up all the essential details. Stay with us!

What Is The Meaning Of Story Time And Crop On TikTok?

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If you are coming across plenty of comments, saying “Story Time And Crop”, you are not alone. Thousands of users have flooded Twitter sharing complaints about this weird comment trend.

Talking about how useless this trend is, one user wrote on Twitter:


“Story Time

“Recipe for Brownie”

Like TikTok has to be genuinely one of the things that we look back at as the downfall of society.”

Another user wrote, “I can’t even enjoy TikTok comments anymore because everyone is asking for a storytime or crop.”

Some users are confused as they consider it a glitch. However, it is not a glitch but an annoying TikTok comment trend. Just like the ‘Brownie Recipe’ trend got traction for a few weeks, this comment will also last for a few more days before ending forever.

TikTok Comment Story Time And Crop Meaning On TikTok

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As far as the meaning of Story Time And Crop comment on TikTok is concerned, it means nothing. It is just another trend that aims at annoying TikTok users.

The trend however seems to have accomplished its goal. Thousands of annoyed users have rushed to Twitter to share their annoyance about this weird trend.

Although this trend is completely meaningless, the word ‘Crop’ had remained on TikTok for quite a long now.

Crop word was previously used as a slang term by the users, where it was used to ask for an original version of the video. If someone has replied to your snippet with the word crop, it means they are asking you to send them the video without any caption or text obstructing it.

It was also used as a short form to request the content creator to keep the video or story short. So, if someone has sent you a DM saying Crop, they must be asking you to share with them the original version of the video or they may also ask you to lessen the length of the video.

However, seeing the words ‘Story Time’ and ‘Crop’ with every video on the Foryou page, users seem annoyed. Here is how users have expressed their annoyance over this trend:

One grumpy user wrote, “Saying “Crop” or “Story Time” under a TikTok post is not funny. YOU’RE NOT FUNNY”

Another said, “Wow, look how I’m about to stop using TikTok because everyone only commenting “Crop” & “Story Time,”

“The people on TikTok comment sections saying ‘Story Time?’ or ‘Crop?’ are the most unfunny mfs out there tbh like???? Where did that even come from bro, it’s not even funny”, complained another user.

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Final Thoughts

This was all about the meaning of Story Time And Crop on TikTok and how these comments have annoyed the users. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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