Who is behind @Someone Account On TikTok — Explained

Yet again, TikTok users are curious to know the mystery behind an anonymous account. The mysterious TikTok account goes as @Someone, but no one actually knows who is behind it. If you are curious to know the back story of this account, we have got you covered. Keep scrolling and get to know all details about the viral anonymous TikTok handle.

If you want to witness some bizarre things, TikTok is the go-to platform. From zombie apocalypses to time travelers and sea mermaids, TikTok has a variety of suspicious content that can leave you baffled.

Since its launch, users have come across thousands of videos that talk about numerous bizarre things. Because of the curiosity factor, these videos become viral at one time. Currently, a user named “@someone” is amassing all the limelight for making some weird predictions. What’s more peculiar is, nobody knows the person behind this handle nor has the handler has shared any information.

However, users still are following this account and it has amassed over 9 million followers in a very short time span. If you haven’t watched any of their videos, here is what we know so far.

What Is “Someone” On TikTok?

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The TikTok account “Someone” is a mysterious account that is making some false claims. In a video that went viral this week, the creator claimed that the internet will shut down on 15th September. However, no such thing happened on the said that.

Though the claims made by this user have never stood true but users are still following the handle giving it more traction on the app. However, we tried to reach the account to get some further details, but it doesn’t provide any info. The account doesn’t have an authentic name nor has it provided any detail in the bio. The bio simply reads, “9/15/21” which refers to the viral video which claimed about the internet breakage.

 Furthermore, it is a private account and has just a single video that too is uploaded this week. Users are baffled by this account as it has no information, has no content, and still has garnered millions of views.

Some social media users also claim that @someone TikTok handle even has the blue verification icon and had over 10 million followers. However, the number of followers has dropped to 9.7 million recently.

What Does 9/15/21 Mean?

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By writing 9/15/21 in the bio, the mysterious TikTok account claimed that the internet would go down on the said date for a long period. Though the date has already passed, nobody witnessed any breakage of the internet.

The account handler further dropped a comment in the comment section saying 9/15/21 is “the day the internet will break”, he further urged other users to “be ready” and “spread the news”.

As the account is going viral on TikTok, users have even taken it to Twitter. One Twitter user asked, “Why do people on TikTok think others care if the @someone person accepts their follow request literally”.

Another wrote, “Someone knows who do /@someone on TikTok because his account has only one video and it’s a yesterday’s date.”

Users are also searching for the handle on Twitter but the account doesn’t exist there. Twitter users claim that ‘Someone’ on Twitter is suspended recently for violating the Twitter rules. To confirm the handle’s status, one Twitter user wrote “@someone, Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules”

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Bottom Line

This isn’t the first time users have witnessed mysterious accounts on the app. However, the @Someone Account has got enough traction without letting the users know who is behind it.

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