Jeffrey Martin TikTok — Here’s All You Need To Know

Jeffrey Martin is a social influencer who became famous for making comic, dance and lip-sync videos on TikTok. He has garnered 723.5K followers on TikTok so far.

TikTok has proved to be the easiest way for content creators to earn fame and money while staying at the comfort of their homes. It has provided opportunities for people to follow their passion and earn a handsome income. Thousands of creators have earned fame through this social media platform and many have even racked up millions of followers overnight.

Best part about this video-sharing application is that it doesn’t require many resources to be among the stars. If you are creative and talented, then you can simply rise to fame with a single video.

Today’s article will provide all details about the famous TikToker @liljkxx and about the allegations he is facing right now.

Who Is Jeffrey Martin On TikTok

Image Of Who Is Jeffrey Martin On TikTok

Jeffrey Martin known on social media as @liljkxx or Baby J is a content creator on TikTok. He was previously known as @whitebreadddd. This young TikTok star has garnered over 723.5K followers and 19.9 Millions hearts on his videos overall.

Martin is mainly famous for his comic and dance videos on the Chinese video-sharing platform. Furthermore, he is looking forward to be a model and a fashion icon in near future.

Besides TikTok, this young TikTok star has a considerable followers count on Instagram as well. Jeffery joined Instagram on 25th August 2019 and so far he has amassed 157K followers on the photo-sharing app. However, he doesn’t seem much active on Instagram as he has just posted 26 pictures so far.

Jeffery seems to be much closer to his mother as he usually uploads pictures accompanied by his mother @crystalleighanne2. After going through his social media profiles we have also found that Jeffery is fond of singing and he is also good at playing guitar.

Jeffrey Martin Age

Jeffrey Martin is currently 17 years old. He celebrates his birthday on June 23rd every year. Baby J lives in Los Angeles, California with his mother and two siblings. His mother is also a TikToker and you can find her under the username @crystallei3. His sister’s name is Destiny Martin while his brother’s name isn’t known yet.

Besides his mother and siblings, Jeffery hasn’t disclosed anything about his personal life. There also isn’t any information about whether he is in a relationship or not. However, in his earliest post on Instagram, he posted a picture with a girl (whose identity is not revealed yet) and the caption was “Do anything for this girl”.

Jeffrey Martin Height

Image Of Jeffrey Martin Height

Though Jeffrey’s height isn’t revealed yet, but he stands decently tall. There also isn’t any information about his weight but he has a muscular body. Martin’s Wikipedia page isn’t written yet but you can know more about him by following him on Instagram under username liljkx, and on TikTok as liljkxx.

Baby J became popular after posting pictures of him participating in BLM Moment. But a twitter account named @whitebreadsover has accused him of using #BLM to enhance his aesthetic. They have also accused him of homophobia, violence and sexism.

In one of their Twitter post, they have said that Jeffery has threatened a person to kill and dismember him and leave their body parts in the vents of their house. “So it always smells like your dead rotten dead smelly rotten body.” But Jeffery has denied all the allegations made by this Twitter account. Furthermore, he hasn’t discussed this situation much.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the famous TikToker Jeffrey Martin. Hopefully, the article has provided all available information about this young TikTok star.

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