Music Challenge Instagram 2021 — Explained

Instagram has now become more interactive with its fun-filled challenges. Currently, Instagram Music Challenge 2021, is taking over the Instagram Feed. If you haven’t participated in the challenge yet, then here is how it works.

Launched on October 6, 2010, Instagram was just a photo-sharing application but because of its constantly evolving features, it became a social media giant. Currently, the best Instagram features are its vibrant filters, the Instagram story option, IGTV, and the most popular Instagram Live interactive sessions.

Because of all these cool features; Instagram has now 500 million daily active users, while it stands as the 6th most popular social media network in terms of number of users.

Like users from many other social media networks, Instagram users are also no way behind when it comes to fun challenges. The recent fun challenge to go viral on the platform was the Bill Clinton Swag challenge. Runaway trend then followed the Bill Clinton Swag challenge and became massively popular among users across the globe.

Currently, the ‘Music Challenge’ is flaunting in the Instagram story of almost every user. This challenge enables you to share your favorite song with your followers using the Instagram story feature. Provided below is a step-by-step tutorial to complete this challenge.

What Is Music Challenge On Instagram

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The Music Challenge On Instagram is a new way to celebrate the essence of music. It is a long 30-day challenge where you have to post a song every day, following the instructions provided for the challenge. To start the challenge you will need a 30 day Music Challenge template. You can get these templates easily from Internet.

The template will instruct you a scenario like, it may ask you to share your favorite song with a color in the title for day 1 and so on. You have to follow the challenge for the next thirty days by posting a song instructed by the template you have selected from the internet.

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How To Do The Music Challenge O Instagram

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To complete the viral Music Challenge On Instagram, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Firstly, open your browser and type “Music Challenge template for Instagram” and hit enter.
  • You will get plenty of templates; select anyone that you like the most.
  • Following the template’s instructions, you have to list songs for the next 30 days.
  • Once you have selected the template, open your Instagram story section and upload the Music challenge template you have selected.
  • Then, tap on the stickers listed in your emoji section and search for a circle or a checkmark sticker to post against the challenge you are going to take up.
  • Following this, you have to add the music by clicking on the stickers section. You have to browse the song of your choice and then alter it a bit to meet the timestamps provided for it. For e.g. Day 1 – Coldplay Yellow.
  • Some users have also posted lyrics along with the song; if you also want to do so then you can simply add lyrics by tapping on the ‘Aa’ options listed with the song. You can also simply go with the album artwork with the name of the song and the artist.
  • Once you are done with setting up your story, tag any of your friends whom you want to challenge by simply adding @ alongside the username.
  • Finally, you are all set to upload the challenge. Hit the upload button and wait for the challenge to create a snowball on Instagram.

Bottom Line

This was all about the viral Music Challenge 2021, from Instagram. Hopefully, the information provided in this post will help you to nail this challenge. You can drop a comment in the below comment box for any further queries.

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