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Are you searching to know what Oh No Oh No Song is? Have you seen a lot of videos flaunting on your timeline titled as Oh No? Well here is the detail of this viral TikTok challenge.

TikTok is again taking over the internet with an amazing challenge. This time the TikTok users are going crazy about the Oh No challenge. The challenge is comprised of a video with a hit song making it popular among the TikTok users

The Oh No Challenge will surely make you laugh as it contains the most hilarious scenes people have encountered. Tiktok users have shared their most awkward moments combined with the Oh No song making it a big hit.

The Oh No Oh No Oh No No No song is originally sung by Kreepa and the lyrics goes like this

Do you got racks, you got tax

Your city on the map

You n-ggas Killin’, You N-ggas Robbin’

You be ballin’

Are you F-cking with kreepa

You speak eata

Colder than a freezer

You’re a Rapper, am I a sucker

Give me a answer Oh No Oh No Oh No No No

Oh No Oh No TikTok

The Oh No Oh No Song has become a hit right after the TikTok users have started pouring millions of videos with the Oh No Oh No Song in the background. Millions of TikTok videos have already been shared which are spreading smiles on the faces of people all over the world.

This trending challenge is basically a daring challenge too. Because not every individual has guts to reveal the Oh No moments of their lives. But hats off to TikTok users, the way they are uploading videos, sharing their most awkward moments is amazing.

You should also know that all of the Oh No Oh No videos do not contain funny content only. Some of them are featuring some dangerous moments too. The videos have shown how a normal moment converts into a dangerous one if people don’t stay vigilant.

How To Do The Oh No Challenge On TikTok

Image Of Oh No Oh No TikTok

If you still have not participated in the Oh No OH No Song challenge then here is a guide for you to create one.

The foremost thing you have to do is to open your TikTok App. Then, you have to find the sound that goes along with Oh No Oh No song. It won’t be much difficult to find the song as you might have come across a lot of Oh No videos on your timeline recently.

Once you have found the track, now select the green screen video effect. Right after that, select the video you want to share from your camera roll. You can share videos of your friends, your colleagues or even of your pets, you also have option to share a video featuring yourself. The ultimate purpose is that you have to select a video containing an Oh No moment.

Once you have selected the video, choose the trimmer and fix the Oh No Oh No song lyrics with the exact worst moment in your video. Remember that the lyrics and the video timings should be perfect. When the song sings Oh No, the video should be stopped and then zoomed in, it will allow the users to watch the disaster moment in slow motion. This is how you can make a video worth millions of likes and views.

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In this situation of crisis people in the world need more happy moments. The Oh No Oh No song challenge on TikTok is doing a lot to spread smiles all around. But one should also consider the other side of coin, users are advised to make videos vigilantly because we never know how just a simple moment can turn into a miserable one in few seconds.

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