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Are you probing to know about Sticker Test App? Have you seen plenty of your friends attempting the tests and quizzes by this application? Do you want to know what your future holds for you? If yes, then you are on the most related post. Keep reading and get to know how this application can be accessed and used. Keep reading!

Like many other personality tests flaunting on social media platforms, Sticker Test is just another App that tells you about your personality, your strengths, weaknesses and about your future on the basis of your information you have provided to the app. The app clearly states that the tests are taken for fun purpose only and the test results are not true most of the times.

The App developers have further informed the users that it provides content for entertainment purposes only.  It uses your data and content that is publicly available. Furthermore, before deriving any results, the application asks for the consent of user.

Let’s dive into details and know what users think about this fun App. Stick with us!

Sticker Test Review

Image Of Sticker Test Review

The application has racked up 4.5 stars from its users. Most of the Application’s users seem satisfied with its performance except few. Besides happy and exhausted customers there are some who continuously strive for application’s betterment. One user has pointed the biggest flaw related to this application. Here is what he thinks about the application,

“I like this app, but the only flaw is that sometimes it’s not legit based on a person gender. Some of the stickers don’t have a “Choose you gender” and sometime a boy would end up with what a girl would have. It’s fun to choose which sticker to post, but please add the gender to make it more accurate. Thanks.”

Sticker Test App

Image Of Sticker Test App

The Sticker Test App is developed and published by social sweethearts GmbH. So far, the application has racked more than 10,000+ installs. The app comes in English language only and it is available for people with age more than 9.

If you are an iPhone user then you should note that the application is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later. While the Android users with software version 5.0 and up can use the application without being troubled.

Though most of the users seem satisfied with the app’s performance, but there are some who are not happy with the performance. Here is another customer review that thinks it’s just waste of time.

The user says, “It’s completely fake and just comes up with general assessments of someone that apply to a large group of people. I could come up with better answers to these”.

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Sticker Test App Download

The application is quite easy to download and handle. It is available on Apple store and Play store as well. You just have to search for the app in the search bar then simply install it. If you are unable to find it over your app store then you can just click here to download the app.

After downloading it, simply provide all the details for the installation and then get started. Play a quiz and you will get the results instantly. You can share these results on all your social media platforms to have fun with your friends. As the application has already clarified, the test results are not accurate. These are generated using your publicly available information and the ultimate purpose is fun.

Last Words

This was all about the viral Sticker Test application. Drop your comments in the below comment box and let us know if you have found this article informative.

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