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A website named “Matrix” is currently making rounds on the internet. The sci-fi fans especially are attracted to it and are talking about the teaser that shows a red and a blue pill. So, are you interested in knowing What The Matrix Website Actually Is?  If yes, we have got you covered. The website showcases the teaser of an upcoming movie. Let’s explore more about it.

A mysterious website named “Matrix” has become the talk of the town as fans are getting attracted towards it. Upon reaching the website, you will encounter two pills of red and blue color, and the website asks you to choose any of them. Each color pill will lead you towards a different movie teaser.

Internet users are now curious to know the reality of this weird website. If you are among these users looking for an answer, we have got you covered. Below, you will find all the details about the Matrix website and its interactive features.

What Is The Red And Blue Pill Website

Image Of What Is The Red And Blue Pill Website

After showcasing two colored pills on the website, the Matrix website is being termed as Red and Blue Pill Websites by the netizens. It is an interactive website where you can select any of the pills and it will lead you to a movie trailer.

The website is published recently and it has gained masses of attention in a very short time span. As you open the website, it displays a statement saying ‘CHOOSE YOUR REALITY’.

The introductory caption on the website reads, “The Matrix is everywhere; it’s here and now. Make your choice to experience a new reality. It’s time to wake up.”

As you select the website link, two colored pills appear on the screen along with a caption, “THE CHOICE IS YOURS”

Upon clicking the pills, you get to see a movie trailer that is related to The Matrix Resurrections, which is an upcoming American science fiction action film. There isn’t any confirmed information about the website’s owner but @thematrixmovie shared this website on Instagram.

After the @thematrixmovie has shared an image of the “What Is The Matrix” website, it has become even more popular among social media users.

Matrix Resurrection Release Date

Image Of Matrix Resurrection Release Date

Now, you must be thinking what is the reason behind adding the two pills on the website? Well, it relates to the first Matrix movie released in 1999. In the said film, Neo, Keanu Reeves was offered two red and blue pills to be chosen from. Opposed to the blue pill, Neo chooses the red pill. The blue pill would have left him in his fabricated reality but he selects the previous pill.

As reported by Digital Spy, the footage you will get to see on the trailer will rely on the color pill you chose as well as the time you visited the site.

According to HITC, the “What Is The Matrix” website is able to show more than 180,000 different combinations of shots and footage from the movie “The Matrix Resurrections.”

The teaser of “THE MATRIX 4 RESURRECTIONS” was rolled onto YouTube on 7th September. This trailer consists of a four-minute-long preview video.

IGN has uploaded some of the footage from the movie along with the caption, “The revived “What Is The Matrix” website can show you over 180,000 different combinations of teaser shots and footage from The Matrix Resurrections depending on chance and when you check it.”

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the “What Is The Matrix” and the logic behind its blue and red pills. Hopefully, you have got an idea of what the website is all about. Drop a comment in the below comment box if you have any further information about the site.

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