“Genshin Impact Look Around Mingyun Village” Find The Location Guide

Genshin Impact “Look Around Mingyun Village” is a quest where you have to investigate various places around Mingyun Village. Here’s exactly where to look if you’re having trouble finding all of the points. One of the quests you will come across while playing Genshin Impact is The Tree Who Stands Alone Quest.

The quest will ask you to” look around Mingyun Village”. There are specific locations you need to search to complete the quest. In this guide, we will give you the exact locations to complete the “look around Mingyun Village” task in Genshin Impact.

You definitely have to read these notes as the first step, since this triggers the spawning of the four parts of the father’s will and the matching four markers on the map. If you don’t read the notes at first, you have to go all the way at least twice.

How to Complete The Tree Who stands Alone Quest?

You can access the quest from the Mingyun Village in the Liyue region. The quest will begin with the ghost of a man reading out some dialogues. The ghost is of an old man named Yuan Hong and the dialogues he reads appear to be from a will. Once the ghost completes speaking, the task objective will change to look around Mingyun Village.

image of Look Around Mingyun Village

How To Complete Look Around Mingyun Village

The first step on the quest is looking for a book. You will find the book in the house right next to where you interacted with the ghost. Go into the house and the book will be located on some boxes. Simply interact with the book to read it and go further in the quest.

The second part of the look around Mingyun Village objective is to find four pieces of a lost will. The general locations in blue on the in-game map. However, it can be difficult to get the exact location to search when you reach those markings. The following detail gives you a location guide where you find the pieces.  

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Find The Pieces

Head straight down into the water beneath the location where you are standing. You will find a mine at the edge of the water body. Enter the mine and find the will located on the floor to the right side of the entrance. Now, head to the next mine after exploring the first one. You will find some small baskets on the right of the entrance. Search behind the baskets and you will find the second piece of the will.

Next, get to the mine marked with the furthest north objective marker. The mine will be flooded deep inside. Swim through the water to reach the other end of the mine and find will’s piece. The last piece is also in the mine located at the last objective marker. Follow the tracks within the mine to find a mine cart. The fourth piece of will is located right next to the cart.

Genshin Impact Around Mingyun Village

The second Lost Will is behind the basket to your right as soon as you enter the second area. Follow the quest marker north for another mine. Swim across the water deep in the mine to find the third Lost Will.

For the final mine, head to the objective marker and follow the mine cart tracks. The Lost Will is found by the mine cart. Follow the quest marker for the last location. You’ll end up by a large red tree. Interact with the shovel to claim your reward.


Hopefully, this guide on where to look around Mingyun Village and complete The Tree who Stands Alone side quest helps you out. I recommend you to try it.

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