Childe Genshin Impact — A New Character Is Approaching

Excited to see Childe Genshin Impact as the new playable character? Here are all the details you need to know. The new update that is due in November, will add new events, playable characters and locations. The most exciting new character is going to be the Childe Tartaglia. Players will soon be able to bind his powers with their teams.

Genshin Impact is a Free-to-play action role playing game, developed and published by a Chinese developer miHoYo. Genshin Impact is currently available for PlayStation 4, Android, IOS and PC users. It has received excellent reviews from the RPG community. Ever since its launch, Genshin Impact has gained the interest of RPG players to the fullest.

According to the beta testers, Childe is already available to play on Genshin Impact’s closed beta test server. Players should now roll up their sleeves and gather the items to upgrade Childe before the update 1.1.

Genshin Impact Childe Materials

Image Of Genshin Impact Childe Materials

In order to upgrade Childe’s talent, you are required to collect Genshin Impact Childe Materials. Want to know more about it? Here is the detail.

According to Some graphics seen on Reddit lately, upgrading Childe’s skills require “Freedom” Talent Books, and insignias. Further, to ascend Childe and unlock his level caps you need to collect some Lazurite, Cleansing Heart, Starconches, and some Insignias again.

For your convenience here is the detail of places you may get these items from.

Location of Starconches In Genshin Impact:

Normally, the Starchonches can be found on shores in Liyue, but being more specific you may find these from Yaoguang shoal and Guyun Stone Forest, south of the Yaoguang Shoal. You may find Starconches scattered all around these shoals. In order to unlock all the level caps of Childe, you are required to collect 168 Starchronches.

Loactions To Find Insignia’s In Genshin Impact:

Image Of d Insignia’s In Genshin Impact

To level up Childe, you have to collect Recruit’s Insignia, Sergeant’s Insignia, and Lieutenant’s Insignia. These badges are necessary for the character to ascend the cap level and increase the talent level.

To find these badges players are required to kill human characters that are affiliated with Fatui group. The Recruit’s Insignia can be hunted from any slain human, while Segeant’s and Lieutenant’s Insignia can be found by killing humans of level 40 and 60 respectively. An alternate way to find these badges is to defeat the Fatui bosses. They can easily be located by using your journal heading towards the “Bosses Tab”. It will enable you to locate these bosses.

Childe Talent Books Genshin Impact

Childe Genshin Impact Talent books can be found in 3 drops from the Forsaken Rift domain located in Mondstadt by Springvale. But you should also know that your rank should be higher or equivalent to Adventure Rank 27.

So that you can access the domain. You have to visit the Rift every Monday, Thursday or Sunday to secure the drops. To increase the talent level of Childe, you will need so many books from the “Freedom Series”. The exact number of books to be collected is still unknown.

Location of Lazurite and Cleansing Heart

Like every other Hydro Character, Childe also requires Lazurite and Cleansing Heart to rise up. Lazurites can be found after defeating the Oceanid boss located in Liyue’s Bishui Plain. The boss can also be located using the bosses tab in your journal. For Varunada lazurite, Childe will have to have one sliver, nine fragments, nine chunks, and six gemstones. He further requires 46 Cleansing Hearts to maximize the talent and skills.

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Final Words

As the new star is approaching with the next update, Genshin Impact fans are all set to welcome this new Hydro Character. To use the skills and talent of Childe to the fullest they all are required to harvest the 4 must items mentioned in the article. We hope that this piece of writing will guide you all to hunt all these must items before the Childe Genshin Impact comes live with the new update.

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